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𑐫𑐾𑑃 – 𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐀𑐬𑑂𑐐𑐣𑐵𑐂𑐖𑐾𑐱𑐣 𑐀𑐦 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐸 𑐂𑐒𑑂𑐮𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐞𑑂𑐜𑐫𑐵 𑐐𑐸𑐎𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐟𑑅𑐩𑐸𑑃𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐁𑐂𑐟𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑐔𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐩𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐳𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐫𑐸𑐳𑐾𑐚𑑂𑐳 𑐳𑑂𑐚𑐾𑐚𑐫𑐵 𑐁𑐬𑑂𑐮𑐶𑐒𑐚𑐣 𑐳𑐴𑐬𑐫𑐵 𑐦𑐎𑑂𑐳 𑐮𑐵𑐂𑐧𑑂𑐬𑐾𑐬𑐷 𑐖𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐄𑐐𑐸 𑐩𑐸𑑃𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑑄 𑐳𑑄𑐖𑐶𑐰 𑐟𑐸𑐮𑐵𑐢𑐬𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑐵𑐫𑑅𑐳𑐸𑐂 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐳𑐣𑐵 𑐥𑐸𑐔𑑅 𑐮𑑂𑐫𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 𑐄𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐳𑐣𑐵 𑐥𑐸𑐔𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐧𑐶𑐖𑐾𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑂𑐬 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐢𑐵𑐣 𑐰 𑐣𑐶𑐬𑐾𑐱 𑐎𑐬𑑂𑐩𑐵𑐔𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐫𑐥𑐶𑑄 𑐣𑑂𑐰𑐎𑐹 𑐮𑑂𑐫𑐫𑐵𑐡𑐷𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐀𑐠𑐾 𑐴𑐾, 𑐩𑐸𑑃𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐳𑐣𑐵 𑐥𑐸𑐔𑐮𑐫𑑂 […]

𑐳𑑄𑐖𑐶𑐰 𑐟𑐸𑐮𑐵𑐢𑐬 𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐀𑐬𑑂𑐐𑐣𑐵𑐂𑐖𑐾𑐱𑐣 𑐀𑐦 ...

–𑐬𑐵𑐖 𑐩𑐴𑐬𑑂𑐖𑐣 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐞𑐩𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐠𑑅 𑐨𑐵𑑅𑐟 𑐟𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐫𑑂𑐎 𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐩𑐦𑐫𑐵 𑐴𑐳𑑂𑐥𑐶𑐟𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐴𑐫𑐾𑐩𑐵𑑅𑐧𑐮𑐾 𑐟𑐎 𑐣𑑄 𑐠𑑅𑐩𑑂𑐴𑑄 𑐕𑐾𑑃 𑐣𑑄 𑐥𑐶𑐟𑐶𑐣𑐵𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐎𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐬𑐵𑐖𑐾𑐱𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐳𑐟𑐎𑐾 𑐩𑐕𑑂𑐰 𑑋 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐞𑐩𑐵𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐡𑐟𑐦𑐟 𑐕𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐴𑐾 𑐖𑐎 𑐎𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐬𑐵𑐖𑐾𑐱 𑑋 𑐟𑐬 𑐬𑐵𑐖𑐾𑐱𑑄 𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐳𑐶𑐧𑐾𑑄 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑐫𑑂 𑐖𑐵𑐟𑐫𑐵𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐩𑐶𑐳𑐵 𑐧𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐴𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐢𑐶𑐥𑐶 𑐎𑑂𑐫𑑄𑐧𑐮𑐾 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐞𑐩𑐵𑐫𑐵𑑄 𑐫𑐵𑐄𑐎 𑐎𑐵𑐫𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐴𑐵𑐎𑐸𑐟𑐶𑐣𑐵 𑐕𑑂𑐰𑐟 𑑋 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐞𑐩𑐵𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐴𑐿𑐎𑐩 𑐎𑐜𑐵 𑐴𑐾 […]

𑐴𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐄𑑃𑐐𑐸 𑐴𑐶

𑐣𑐵𑐬𑐡 𑐧𑐖𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐔𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐫𑐫𑐵 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 – 𑐖𑐶 𑐰𑐶𑐎𑐮 𑑋 𑐮𑑂𑐴𑐵𑑅 𑐩𑐶𑐮𑐾 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐟 𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑐰𑐮𑑂𑐴𑐵𑑅 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑑅𑐣𑐾 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐧𑑂𑐧𑑄 𑐰𑑄 𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐥𑐬𑐶𑐔𑐫 𑐧𑐶𑐮 𑑋 – 𑐟𑐬, 𑐖𑐶𑑄 𑐮𑐵 𑐕𑐶𑐟𑑅 𑐩𑑂𑐴𑐳𑐶𑐎𑐾 𑐩𑐦𑐸𑐟… 𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑑅𑐣𑐾 𑐖𑐰 𑐮𑑂𑐴𑐵𑑅 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐵𑑅 𑐮𑑂𑐴𑐵𑑅 𑐩𑐶𑐮𑐾 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐟 𑐰𑑅𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐩𑐣𑐹𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐰𑑄 𑐮𑐶𑐳𑑅 𑐧𑐶𑐮 𑑋 𑐐𑐸𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐩𑐣𑐹 𑐩𑐶𑐏𑐵 𑐣𑐶𑐐𑑅 𑐖𑐎 𑐟𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐮𑐵𑑄 𑐏𑐣𑐾𑐡𑐫𑐾𑐎 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐩𑑂𑐴𑐸𑐟𑐸 𑐬𑐸𑐩𑐵𑐮𑑄 𑐨𑐸𑐣𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 – […]

𑐧𑐵𑐏𑐣𑑄 𑐥𑐶𑐮𑐹𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐩𑐣𑐹

–𑐬𑐷𑐡𑐾𑐣 𑐩𑐴𑐬𑑂𑐖𑐣 𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐹—𑑑 𑐥𑐵𑐥–𑐥𑐸𑐞𑑂𑐫–𑐢𑐬𑑂𑐩 𑐢𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 𑐕𑐸𑑄 𑐏𑑅 ? 𑐖𑐶𑑄 𑐩𑐳𑐶𑐮, 𑐖𑐶 𑐩𑐠𑐸𑐮 ! 𑐗𑐷 𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐵𑐣𑑄 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐵𑐣𑑄 𑐗𑐷𑐳 𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐨𑐵𑐳𑑄 𑐣𑐸𑐐𑑅 𑐔𑐎𑑄𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐣𑐸𑐐𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐵𑑃 𑐴𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐣𑐸𑐐𑑅 𑐳𑑅 𑐠𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐨𑐵𑐫𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐩𑐟𑐶𑐣𑐵 𑐩𑐫𑐵𑐳𑐾 𑐏𑐮𑑂𑐴𑐵𑐧𑐮𑑂𑐴𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐂𑐩𑐏𑐸 𑐠𑑂𑐰𑐴𑐾 𑐡𑐎𑐮𑐾 𑐟𑐢𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐥𑐵𑐥 𑐖𑐸𑐂 𑑋𑑋 𑐗𑐷 𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐵𑑅 𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐨𑐵𑐳𑐵𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐢𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐎𑐸𑐣𑐫𑑂 𑐰𑐵𑑄𑐕𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐵𑑅 𑐨𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐳𑐶 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐵𑑅 𑐠𑑅𑐠𑐰𑐫𑑂 𑐐𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑐬𑑂𑐎𑐫𑑂 𑐎𑐸𑐴𑐵𑑄 […]

𑐥𑐵𑐥–𑐥𑐸𑐞𑑂𑐫–𑐢𑐬𑑂𑐩 (𑐔𑐶𑐣𑐵𑐏𑑃)

𑐩𑐡𑐸𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐎𑐰𑐶 𑐣𑐵𑐟𑐷 𑐩𑐴𑐬𑑂𑐖𑐣 𑐥𑐵𑐎𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐥𑐶𑐩𑐡𑑄𑐣𑐶𑐐𑐸 𑐕𑐥𑐹 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 — 𑐗𑐵𑐜𑐵 𑐣𑐵𑐫𑑅 𑐁𑐛𑐥𑐴𑐬𑐷𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑐶𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐵 𑐠𑑁𑑄 𑐳𑐸𑐠𑑄𑐣𑐶𑐳𑐾𑑄 𑐨𑐶𑐩𑐰𑐴𑐵𑐡𑐸𑐬 𑐁𑐧𑐵 𑐐𑐵𑐩𑐫𑑂 𑐔𑐵𑐴𑑂𑐫𑐹 𑐖𑐸𑐮 𑑋 𑐴𑐵𑐎𑐸𑐔𑐶𑐫𑐵 𑐕𑐾𑑃 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑑀𑐣𑐾 𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐵 𑐴𑐵𑐎𑐸𑐔𑐶𑐟 “𑐊 𑐴𑐵𑐎𑐸 ! 𑐊 𑐴𑐵𑐎𑐸 !” 𑐢𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐳𑐟𑐵𑑅𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐣 𑑋 𑐴𑐵𑐎𑐸𑐔𑐵 𑐕𑐾𑑃𑐫𑑂 𑐩𑐡𑐸𑐮𑐵 𑐩𑐳𑑂𑐫𑐸 𑐴𑐃 𑐢𑐫𑐵𑐩𑐴𑑅 𑑋 “𑐕𑐾𑑃𑐫𑑂 𑐴𑐾 𑐩𑐡𑐸 𑐖𑐸𑐂 𑐰, 𑐐𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐩𑑂𑐴 […]

𑐗𑐵𑐜𑐵 𑐣𑐵𑐫𑑅—𑐕𑐥𑐹 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄

𑐡𑐎𑑂𑐎𑐮𑐾 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐵𑐥𑐵𑑄 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵 𑐀𑐨𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐣 𑐏𑐮𑑅𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐸𑐮𑐶𑐂 𑐮𑐳𑐎𑐸𑐳 𑐡𑐸, 𑐠𑑂𑐰 𑐀𑐨𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐣 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐡𑐶𑐂𑐐𑐸𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐁𑐥𑐵𑑅𑐁𑐥𑐮𑑄 𑐳𑐸𑐨𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑑄 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐠𑑁𑑄 𑐗𑐷, 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐕𑐐𑐹 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐔𑐷𑐣 𑐰 𑐋𑐟𑐶𑐴𑐵𑐳𑐶𑐎 𑐱𑐴𑐬 𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐹𑐫𑐵 𑐡𑐎𑑂𑐎𑐮𑐾 𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐫𑑂𑐮𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑐵𑑅𑐔𑑂𑐰 𑐀𑐬𑑂𑐠𑐵𑐟𑑂 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐠𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐫𑑂 𑐩𑐴𑐵𑐡𑑂𑐫𑑅–𑐥𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐰𑐟𑐷 𑐡𑐾𑐐𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐩𑐸𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐣𑐾𑐎𑐣𑐾 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐟 𑐩𑐸𑐣𑐵𑑅 𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐵 𑑋 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐣𑐾𑐎𑐣𑐾 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 𑐕𑐸 𑐏𑑅? 𑐕𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐣𑐾𑐎𑐣𑐾 […]

𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐹𑐫𑐵 𑐠𑐷 𑐠𑐷 𑐣𑐵𑑄𑐫𑐵 𑐧𑐵𑐬𑐾 ...

𑐣𑐵𑐬𑐡 𑐰𑐖𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐔𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐫 𑐚𑐾𑐧𑐸𑐮 𑑋 𑐚𑐾𑐧𑐸𑐮𑐫𑐵 𑐡𑑂𑐫𑑅𑐣𑐾 𑐕𑐥𑐵𑑅 𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐵 𑑋 𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑑅𑐣𑐾 𑐔𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐣 𑐕𑐥𑑂𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐡𑐾𑐰𑐵 𑑋 𑐔𑐸𑐥𑐔𑐵𑐥 𑑋 𑐔𑐸𑐥𑐔𑐵𑐥 𑑋 𑐔𑐸𑐥𑐔𑐵𑐥 𑑋 xxx 𑐥𑐶𑐣𑐾 – 𑐟𑐟𑑅𑐢𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐢𑐵𑐎𑐸𑐦𑐫𑑂 𑐰𑐮 𑑋 𑐢𑐸𑐦𑑂𑐰𑑅 𑐡𑐣 𑑋 𑐰𑐵 𑐰𑐮 𑑋 𑐥𑑂𑐰𑑃 𑐰𑐮 𑑋 𑐳𑐶𑐣𑑂𑐡𑐸𑐬 𑐖𑐵𑐟𑑂𑐬𑐵 𑐖𑐸𑐮 ….𑐐𑐠𑐾 𑐩𑑂𑐴𑐶𑐐𑑅 𑐩𑑂𑐴𑐷𑐐 𑐣𑑄 𑐖𑐹 𑑋 𑐟𑐬, 𑐠𑑂𑐰 𑐦𑐸𑐎𑑂𑐎𑑄 𑐏𑑄 […]

𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 – 𑐎𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐫𑑂‌𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑐸𑐠

𑐫𑐾𑑃 – 𑐫𑐾𑑃 𑐩𑐴𑐵𑐣𑐐𑐬𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐶𑐎𑐵. 𑐳𑐵𑐩𑐸𑐡𑐵𑐫𑐶𑐎 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐮𑐫𑐥𑐵𑐏𑐾 𑐣𑑄 𑐧𑐴𑐵𑐮 𑐎𑐬 𑐩𑑂𑐴𑐂𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐳𑐩𑑂𑐥𑐟𑑂𑐟𑐶 𑐧𑐵𑐮𑑄𑐧𑐶𑐫𑐵𑑅 𑐁𑐫 𑐁𑐬𑑂𑐖𑐣 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐳𑐵𑐩𑐸𑐡𑐵𑐫𑐶𑐎 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐮𑐫𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑑑𑑐 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐟𑐶𑐱𑐟 𑐥𑐸𑐮𑐾𑐟 𑐫𑐾𑑃𑐩𑐣𑐥𑐵𑑄 𑐂𑐣𑐵𑐥 𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐫𑐾𑑃 𑐩𑐴𑐵𑐣𑐐𑐬 𑐡𑐸𑐣𑐾 𑑘𑑙 𑐳𑐵𑐩𑐸𑐡𑐵𑐫𑐶𑐎 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐮𑐫 𑐡𑐸, 𑐐𑐸𑐎𑐶 𑐩𑐢𑑂𑐫𑐾 𑑕𑑙 𑐩𑐵𑐢𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐩𑐶𑐎 𑐰 𑑓𑑐 𑐁𑐢𑐵𑐬𑐨𑐹𑐟 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐮𑐫 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 𑐫𑐾𑑃𑐫𑐵 𑐁𑐥𑐵𑐮𑑄 𑐢𑐫𑐵𑐠𑐾𑑄 𑐩𑐹 𑐳𑐟𑐎𑐫𑑂 𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑄 𑐧𑐵𑐮𑑄𑐧𑐶𑐫𑐵𑑅 […]

𑐳𑐵𑐩𑐸𑐡𑐵𑐫𑐶𑐎 𑐳𑑂𑐎𑐸𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑑄 𑐧𑐴𑐵𑐮 𑐎𑐬 ...

𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑑄𑐰𑐶𑐢𑐵𑐣 𑐎𑐠𑑄 𑐐𑐛𑐣 𑐖𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐁𑐫𑑀𑐐𑑄 𑐳𑐶𑐦𑐵𑐬𑐶𑐳 𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐎𑐠𑑄 𑐧𑐵𑐐𑑂𑐩𑐟𑐷 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐡𑐾𑐱𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐰 𑐟𑐵𑐩𑐵𑐒 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐎𑐵𑐩𑐎𑐵𑐖𑐶 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐬𑐸𑐥𑐫𑑂 𑐎𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐣𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐣 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑐶𑐟𑐶𑑄 𑐧𑐵𑐐𑑂𑐩𑐟𑐷 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐡𑐾𑐱 𑐳𑐬𑐎𑐵𑐬𑑄 𑐮𑐶𑐧𑐵𑐎𑑂𑐎 𑐖𑐹𑐳𑐵𑑄 𑐐𑐸𑐐𑐸 𑐎𑐠𑑄 𑐏𑑃 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐕𑐶𑐟 𑐄𑐎𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐎𑐫𑐵𑑅 𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐰 𑐟𑐵𑐩𑐵𑐒 𑐳𑐩𑐸𑐡𑐵𑐫𑑄 𑐮𑐳𑐎𑐸𑐳 𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐁𑑅 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑑄𑐰𑐶𑐢𑐵𑐣 𑐎𑐠𑑄 𑐴𑐾 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐁𑐫𑑀𑐐𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑐶𑐦𑐵𑐬𑐶𑐳𑐫𑐵 𑐁𑐢𑐵𑐬𑐫𑑂 𑐧𑐵𑐐𑑂𑐩𑐟𑐷 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐡𑐾𑐱𑐫𑑂 […]

𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐡𑐾𑐱𑐫𑑂 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐎𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐣𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐣𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑐶𑐟𑐶𑑄 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐹 ...

𑐩𑐠𑐵𑑄 𑐁𑐏𑑅 𑐳𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅𑐳𑐵 𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐨𑐵𑐳𑑄 𑐁𑐏𑑅 𑐳𑑂𑐫𑐣𑐾𑐩𑐵𑑅 𑐢𑐂𑐐𑐸 𑐩𑐵𑐳𑑂𑐚𑐬 𑐖𑐐𑐟𑐳𑐸𑐣𑑂𑐡𑐬 𑐩𑐮𑑂𑐮𑑄 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑐠𑐣𑐵𑐡𑐷𑐐𑐸 𑐢𑐵𑐬𑐞𑐵 𑐴𑐾 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐩𑐵𑐟𑐺𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐁𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑀𑐮𑐣𑐫𑐵 𑐡𑐎𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐵𑐥𑐵𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐄𑐡𑑂𑐑𑑀𑐲 𑐖𑐸𑐂𑐦𑐸 𑑋 𑐄𑐐𑐸 𑐂𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐟𑐎𑑄 𑐕𑐐𑐹 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑑄 𑐩𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐡𑐩𑐣 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸, 𑐱𑑀𑐲𑐞 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐰𑐵 𑐰𑐶𑐳𑑂𑐠𑐵𑐥𑐶𑐟 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐎𑐸𑐟𑑅 𑐖𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑐣𑐾 𑐩𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐧𑐬𑐸 𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐳𑐩𑐸𑐡𑐵𑐫 𑐡𑐸𑐣𑐾 𑐠𑑅𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐮𑑂𑐴𑐵𑐣𑐵𑑅 𑐩𑐣𑐹𑐟 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐟𑐣𑑂𑐟𑑂𑐬 𑐬𑐸𑐥𑑄 𑐴𑐾 […]

𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐁𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑀𑐮𑐣𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐡𑐸𑐰𑐵𑐮𑐾𑐧𑐮𑐫𑑂

𑐟𑑀𑐏𑐵 𑐣𑐐𑐬𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐶𑐎𑐵𑑄 𑐣𑐐𑐬 𑐡𑐸𑐣𑐾𑐫𑐵 𑐄𑐟𑑂𑐎𑐺𑐲𑑂𑐚 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐾𑐎𑐸𑐠𑐶, 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐠𑐷 𑐰 𑐱𑐶𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐎𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐳𑐩𑑂𑐩𑐵𑐣 𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐣𑐐𑐬𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐶𑐎𑐵𑑄 𑑕𑑘 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐬𑐵𑐲𑑂𑐚𑑂𑐬𑐶𑐫 𑐧𑐵𑐮 𑐡𑐶𑐰𑐳𑐫𑐵 𑐮𑐳𑐟𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐄𑐐𑐸 𑐳𑐩𑑂𑐩𑐵𑐣 𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑐷𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐠𑐷, 𑑔𑑑 𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐱𑐶𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐎 𑐰 𑑑𑑒 𑐐𑐹 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐾𑐎𑐸𑐠𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐣𑐐𑐬 𑐰 𑐡𑐳𑐶𑐥𑑁𑐮𑐶𑐳𑐾𑑄 𑐳𑐩𑑂𑐩𑐵𑐣 𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 𑐣𑐐𑐬𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐶𑐎𑐵𑑄 𑐟𑐐𑐶𑑄 𑑑𑑐 𑐰 𑑑𑑒 𑐫𑑂 𑐄𑐟𑑂𑐎𑐺𑐲𑑂𑐚 𑐮𑐶𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑅 […]

𑐟𑑀𑐏𑐵 𑐣𑐥𑐵𑐥𑐵𑐏𑐾𑑄 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐾𑐎𑐸𑐠𑐶, 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐠𑐷 𑐰 ...

काठमाडौँ — शिक्षा, विज्ञान तथा प्रविधिमन्त्री देवेन्द्र पौडेलले शैक्षिक संस्थाहरुमा तालबन्दी गर्नै नमिल्ने बताएका छन् । मन्त्री पौडेलले शैक्षिक संस्थाजस्तो पवित्र स्थलमा तालाबन्दी गर्न नमिल्ने बताए। राष्ट्रिय परीक्षा बोर्डले सोमबार काठमाडौंमा आयोजना गरेको एक अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रममा बोल्दै मन्त्री पौडेलले शैक्षिक संस्थामा कुनै समस्या भए समाधान गर्नका लागि छलफल र बहस गर्न […]

शैक्षिक संस्थाहरूमा तालाबन्दी गर्नै मिल्दैन ...

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has selected 3,475 schools for the Presidential Educational Reform Program by the ministerial decision of Bhadra 29. In the meeting of the Board of Directors, a proposal “Presidential Vocational Reform Program Implementation Procedure, 2076” was called to implement the program starting from Shrawan […]

The Ministry of Education, Science ...

𑐡𑐸𑐬𑑂𑐐𑐵𑐮𑐵𑐮 𑐱𑑂𑐬𑐾𑐲𑑂𑐛 𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐫𑐵 𑐏𑑂𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐫𑑂, 𑐧𑑁𑐫𑐵 𑐏𑑂𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐫𑑂 𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐥𑐸𑐖𑐵, 𑐎𑐶𑐖𑐵 𑐥𑐸𑐖𑐵 𑐢𑐣𑑂𑐫 ! 𑐕𑐶𑐥𑐶𑑄 𑐐𑐸𑐮𑐶 𑐖𑐵𑑅𑐥𑐶𑑄 𑐎𑐰𑐶 𑐖𑑂𑐰𑐷 𑐫𑑅 𑐖𑐶𑐩𑐶 𑐁𑐖𑐸 𑐀𑐖𑐵 ! 𑐕𑐶𑐩𑐶𑐐𑐸 𑐎𑐰𑐶𑐟𑐵 𑐠𑐸𑐮𑐶 𑐰𑑅 𑐖𑐶𑐩𑐶𑐎𑐾 𑐎𑐞𑑂𑐛𑐵𑐐𑐬 𑐮𑑅 𑐠𑐾𑑄 𑐡𑑃𑐫𑑂 𑐡𑐳𑐎𑑄 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐾 𑐀𑐫𑐣𑑄 𑐖𑐶𑐩𑐶 𑐩𑐣 𑐧𑐶𑐲𑑂𑐞𑐸𑐩𑐟𑐷 𑐢𑑅 𑐠𑐾𑑄 𑐎𑐰𑐶𑐟𑐵 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐳𑐵𑑄 𑐠𑐸𑐂𑐎 𑐩𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐄𑐎𑐶𑐫𑐵 𑐀𑐬𑑂𑐠 𑐀𑐴𑑀 ! 𑐖𑐶𑐥𑐶𑑄, […]

𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐫𑐵 𑐏𑑂𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐾

𑐩𑐵𑐨𑐵𑐳𑑄 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐎𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐥𑐟𑑂𑐬𑐎𑐵𑐬𑐶𑐟𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐠𑑁𑑄𑐫𑐵 𑐀𑐰𑐳𑑂𑐠𑐵 𑐰𑐶𑐲𑐫𑐳 𑐠𑑁𑑄 𑐁𑐂𑐟𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐕𑐐𑐹 𑐐𑑀𑐲𑑂𑐛𑐷 𑐖𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐫𑐾𑑃𑐫𑐵 𑐰𑐶𑐱𑐵𑐮𑐧𑐖𑐵𑐬𑐫𑑂 𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐧𑐾𑐣𑑂𑐚𑑀𑐫𑑂 𑐖𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐠𑐸𑐐𑐸 𑐐𑑀𑐲𑑂𑐛𑐷𑐫𑐵 𑐩𑐹𑐥𑐵𑐴𑐵𑑃 𑐫𑐾𑑃 𑐩𑐴𑐵𑐣𑐐𑐬𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐶𑐎𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐄𑐥–𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐩𑐸𑐏 𑐳𑐸𑐣𑐶𑐟𑐵 𑐜𑑄𑐐𑑀𑐮𑑄 𑐄𑐮𑐾𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑐡𑐷𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐄𑐮𑐾𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑐡𑐶𑐳𑐾𑑄 𑐄𑐥–𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐩𑐸𑐏 𑐜𑑄𑐐𑑀𑐮𑑄 𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐨𑐵𑐳𑑄 𑐥𑐟𑑂𑐬𑐎𑐵𑐬𑐶𑐟𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐕𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐧𑐴𑑅𑐖𑐹 𑐢𑐫𑐵𑐡𑐶𑐳𑐾𑑄 𑐨𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑐵𑐥𑐣𑐵𑐥𑑄 𑐮𑐶𑐥𑐶𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑑄 𑐰𑐶𑐎𑐵𑐳 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐩𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑃𑐫𑑂 𑐧𑑅 𑐧𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐡𑐶𑐮 𑑋 […]

𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐨𑐵𑐫𑐫𑐵 𑐥𑐟𑑂𑐬𑐎𑐵𑐬𑐶𑐟𑐵 𑐐𑑀𑐲𑑂𑐛𑐷