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𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵 𑐳𑐶𑐴𑐳𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐠𑐎
𑐖𑐬𑑂𑐩𑐣 𑐧𑐶𑐱𑑂𑐬𑑂𑐰𑐧𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐮𑐫𑐫𑐵𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐧𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐣 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑑀𑐦𑐾𑐳𑐬 𑐜𑐵. 𑐮𑐶𑐣𑐴𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐚𑐖𑐸𑑄 (Prof. Dr. Lienhart) 𑐖𑐬𑑂𑐩𑐣𑐷 𑐖𑐸𑐐𑐸 𑐕𑐐𑐸 𑐀𑐣𑑂𑐟𑐬𑐬𑐵𑐳𑑂𑐟𑑂𑐬𑐷𑐫 𑐳𑐩𑑂𑐩𑐾𑐮𑐣𑐮𑐾 (𑐃𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐷 𑐳𑐩𑑂𑐧𑐟 𑑑𑑙𑑘𑑕) 𑐖𑐬𑑂𑐩𑐣𑐷𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 𑐕𑐐𑐸 𑐩𑑂𑐫𑐸𑐖𑐷𑐫𑐩 (Museum of Indian Art, Berlin) 𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 𑐳𑑃𑐎𑐮𑐣 𑐥𑐵𑐏𑐾 𑐡𑐸𑐐𑐸 𑐥𑐸𑐮𑐵𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐟𑐵𑐴𑐵𑐎𑐐𑐸 𑐥𑑁𑐨𑐵 𑐀𑐢𑑂𑐫𑐫𑐣 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑐡𑐶𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑐶𑑄𑐴𑐮𑐱𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐠𑐧𑐵𑐴𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐾𑐧𑑂𑐫𑐫𑐵 𑐡𑐶𑐐𑐸𑐏:𑑋 𑐠𑑂𑐰𑑀 𑐥𑑁𑐨𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐴𑐵𑐎 𑑑𑑑.𑑔𑑐 𑐩𑐶𑐟𑐬 𑐰: 𑐧𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑑐.𑑕𑑕 𑐩𑐶𑐟𑐬 𑐡𑐸𑐐𑐸 𑐀𑐮𑑂𑐫𑐾 𑑘𑑐 […]

𑐳𑐶𑑄𑐴𑐮𑐱𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐠𑐧𑐵𑐴𑐵 𑐁𑐖𑐸 𑐮𑑂𑐴𑐵𑐳𑐵 𑐩𑐏𑐸𑐳𑐾𑑄 𑐱𑑂𑐬𑐷𑐮𑐒𑑂𑐎𑐵 ...

– 𑐳𑐸𑐐𑐟𑐬𑐟𑑂𑐣 𑐳𑐶𑐣𑑂𑐡𑐸𑐬𑐵𑐎𑐵𑐬 (𑐥𑐟𑑂𑐬𑐎𑐵𑐬) 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐳𑐵𑐴𑐶𑐟𑑂𑐫 𑐏𑑂𑐫𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐮𑑀𑐎𑑄𑐴𑑂𑐰𑐵𑑅𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐳𑐵𑐴𑐶𑐟𑑂𑐫𑐎𑐵𑐬 𑐩𑐡𑐸𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐩𑑀𑐟𑐷𑐮𑐎𑑂𑐲𑑂𑐩𑐷 𑐄𑐥𑐵𑐳𑐶𑐎𑐵 𑐟𑐸𑐮𑐵𑐢𑐬𑐫𑐵 𑑑𑑑𑑓 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑐣𑑂𑐩 𑐡𑐶𑐰𑐳 𑐠𑑁𑑄 𑑒𑑐𑑗𑑙 𑐳𑐵𑐮 𑐀𑐳𑐵𑐬 𑑒𑑘 𑐐𑐟𑐾 𑐩𑑄𑐐𑐮𑐰𑐵𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐶 𑐮𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑐷𑐰𑐣𑐎𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐰𑐫𑐎𑐮𑑄 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐰 𑐳𑐵𑐴𑐶𑐟𑑂𑐫𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐠𑐎𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐟 𑐰𑐫𑐎𑐮𑑄 𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐎𑐛𑑀𑐬 𑐎𑐸𑐟𑐮𑑄 𑐁𑐥𑐵𑐮𑑄 𑐳𑐵𑐴𑐶𑐟𑑂𑐫 𑐳𑐶𑐬𑑂𑐖𑐣𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑑅 𑐟𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐟𑐵𑑅 𑐠𑐎𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐰𑐫𑐎𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐠𑐸𑐎𑐠𑑄𑐫𑐵 𑐐𑐸𑐞𑐫𑐵𑐟 […]

𑐮𑐸𑐩𑑄𑐎𑐾𑐩𑐵𑑅𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐳𑐵𑐴𑐶𑐟𑑂𑐫𑐎𑐵𑐬 𑐩𑑀𑐟𑐶𑐮𑐎𑑂𑐲𑑂𑐩𑐷 𑐄𑐥𑐵𑐳𑐶𑐎𑐵

𑐣𑐵𑐬𑐡 𑐰𑐖𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐔𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐫 𑐂𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑂𑐬 𑐩𑐵𑐮𑐷 𑑋 𑐣𑐵𑐩𑑄 𑐴𑐾 𑐐𑐵𑑅 𑑋 𑐕𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐳𑐳𑐎𑑂𑐟 𑐳𑐩𑐵𑐮𑑀𑐔𑐎, 𑐳𑐩𑐷𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐎, 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂,𑐎𑑀𑐲𑐎𑐵𑐬 𑐰 𑐎𑐰𑐶 𑑋 ‘𑐖𑐶 𑐎𑐵𑐮𑐶𑐩𑐵𑐟𑐶𑐂 𑐡𑐣𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐵’ 𑐢𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐴𑐸𑑄𑐎𑐵𑐬 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵 𑐎𑐰𑐶𑐟𑐵 𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐵𑐡𑐷𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐰𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐮𑑄 𑐮𑐶𑐥𑐵 𑐰𑐣𑐵 𑐕𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐏𑑅 𑐎𑐰𑐶𑐟𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑐶𑐬𑐣𑑂𑐟𑐬𑐟𑐵 𑐧𑐶𑐫𑐵 𑐩𑐡𑐶𑐮 𑑋 𑐟𑐬 𑐰𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐮𑑄 𑐳𑐸𑐬𑐸𑑄 𑐣𑐶𑐳𑐾𑑄 𑐴𑐾 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐹 𑐎𑐰𑐶𑐟𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐰𑐎𑐵𑐮𑐟 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐢𑐵𑑅𑐳𑐵 𑐣𑐶𑐬𑐣𑑂𑐟𑐬 𑐬𑐸𑐥𑑄 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵 𑐴𑐾 […]

𑐳𑐩𑐵𑐮𑑀𑐔𑐎 𑐰 𑐎𑑀𑐲𑐎𑐵𑐬 𑐨𑐵𑐖𑐸 𑐂𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑂𑐬 ...

Advanced College of Engineering and Management Concludes International Learning Exchange Program Advanced College of Engineering and Management (ACEM) in collaboration with Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts in Israel has concluded an international learning exchange ceremony. Israeli Ambassador to Nepal Hanan Godar was the chief guest at the […]

International Learning Exchange Program