‘𑐔𑐶𑐣𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐎𑐶𑐳𑐶𑐔𑐵’ 𑐔𑐶𑐣𑐵𑐏𑑃 𑐰𑐵𑐔𑐣 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐱𑐶𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐞 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑑅 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑐔𑐵𑐮
𑐰𑐶𑐱𑑂𑐰 𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐳𑑄𑐐𑐛𑐣 : 𑐴𑐮𑐶𑑄 𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐡𑐧𑐹 𑐩𑐹𑐎𑐰𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐐𑑂𑐰𑐳𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐖𑐐𑐟𑐳𑐸𑐣𑑂𑐡𑐬 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐾𑐎𑐸𑐠𑐶𑐫𑐵 𑐰𑐶𑐱𑐾𑐲 𑐐𑑂𑐰𑐴𑐵𑐮𑐶𑑄 𑐣𑐾.𑐳𑑄. 𑑑𑑑𑑔𑑓 𑐔𑐶𑐮𑑂𑐮𑐵𑐠𑑂𑐰 𑐊𑐎𑐵𑐡𑐱𑐷 𑐰 𑐡𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐡𑐱𑐷 (𑐦𑐵𑐐𑐸𑐞 𑑑𑑙 𑐰 𑑒𑑐 𑐐𑐟𑐾) 𑐏𑐸𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐸 𑐣𑐶𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐸 𑐫𑑄𑐎𑑄𑑄 𑐗𑐷 𑐖𑐣𑐎𑐰𑐶 𑐡𑐸𑐬𑑂𑐐𑐵𑐮𑐵𑐮 […]

‘𑐔𑐶𑐣𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐎𑐶𑐳𑐶𑐔𑐵’ 𑐔𑐶𑐣𑐵𑐏𑑃 𑐰𑐵𑐔𑐣 𑐥𑑂𑐬𑐱𑐶𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐞 ...

Vidyapati Vidyapati: The Great Maithili Poet and His Life Philosophy
  The great Maithili poet Vidyapati was born in 1350 AD (1407 BS) in a village called Bisaphi in the Darbhanga district of ancient Mithila and the modern Bihar province […]

Vidyapati: The Great Maithili Poet ...

𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐁𑐢𑐸𑐣𑐶𑐎 𑐎𑐰𑐶 𑐱𑑂𑐬𑐷𑐬𑐵𑐩 𑐱𑑂𑐬𑐾𑐲𑑂𑐛𑐫𑐵 𑐔𑐶𑐣𑐵𑐏𑑃 𑐩𑐸𑐣𑐵 𑐳𑐦𑐹 𑐢𑐸𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐢𑐹’ 𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐱𑐣𑐶𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐕𑐐𑐹 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐡𑐠𑐸𑐂 𑐥𑐶𑐟𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐖𑐸𑐮 𑑋 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐥𑐬𑐶𑐲𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑐮𑑂𑐮𑐵𑐴𑐎𑐵𑐬𑐮𑐶𑐳𑐾𑑄 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐖𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐦𑐞𑐶𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑂𑐬𑐬𑐟𑑂𑐣 𑐰𑐖𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐔𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐫𑑄 𑐎𑐰𑐶 𑐱𑑂𑐬𑐾𑐲𑑂𑐛𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑐦𑐹𑐫𑐵 𑐥𑐶𑐟𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑐡𑐷𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 […]

𑐎𑐰𑐶 𑐱𑑂𑐬𑐾𑐲𑑂𑐛𑐫𑐵 𑐢𑐸𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐢𑐹 𑐥𑐶𑐡𑐣

𑐰 𑐕𑐸 𑐐𑐮𑑂𑐮𑐷 𑐠𑑂𑐰𑑀 𑐕𑐸 𑐐𑐮𑑂𑐮𑐷 𑐩𑐏𑑃 𑐟𑑂𑐰𑐵 𑐫𑐵 𑐐𑐮𑑂𑐮𑐷 𑐬𑐾 𑐥𑐵𑐣𑑂𑐧𑐟𑐷 𑐩𑐿𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑐣𑐵 𑐰𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑐒𑑂𑐐𑐷 𑐳𑐶𑑄𑐩𑑂𑐴𑐫𑐵 𑐎𑐮𑑂𑐮𑐷 𑐬𑐾 – 𑑒x 𑐐𑐵𑐔𑐵 𑐖𑐸𑐮 𑐥𑐣𑑂𑐔 𑐬𑐒𑑂𑐐𑐷 𑐢𑐵𑐔𑐵 𑐕𑐒𑐸 𑐐𑐸𑐮𑐷 𑐬𑐾 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑑀 […]

𑐰 𑐕𑐸 𑐐𑐮𑑂𑐮𑐷 𑐠𑑂𑐰𑑀 𑐕𑐸 ...

𑐊 𑐡𑐵𑐃𑐔𑐵 𑐕𑐮𑐵 𑐳𑐵𑐥 𑐗𑐒𑑂𑐐 𑐏𑐣𑐶 𑐕𑐾𑐏𑐵𑐊 𑐡𑐵𑐃𑐩 𑐨𑐩𑑂𑐧 𑐏𑐣𑐶 𑐳𑐟𑐾 𑐳𑐟𑐾 𑐩𑐏𑐸 𑐢𑐵𑐢𑐵 𑐳𑐎 𑐳𑐶𑐟 𑐰𑑂𑐴𑑀𑐟𑐾 𑐮𑐵𑐎𑐮 𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐩𑐱𑐶𑐄 𑐱𑐵 𑐥𑐵𑐖𑐸 𑐣𑐵𑐮𑐵 𑐩𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑐾𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐣𑐵𑐥 𑐩𑐶𑐏𑐵 𑐮𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐎𑐮 -2x 𑐊 𑐡𑐵𑐃𑐔𑐵 […]

𑐊 𑐡𑐵𑐃𑐔𑐵

𑐢𑐬𑑂𑐩𑐬𑐟𑑂𑐣 ‘𑐫𑐩𑐶’ 𑐩𑐴𑐵𑐣 𑐎𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐣𑑂𑐟𑐶–𑐰𑐵𑐴𑐎 𑐗𑐷 𑐎𑐰𑐶 𑐗𑐮𑐮 𑐏𑐿𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐣 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑑄𑐎 𑐖𑐐𑐟𑐫𑑂 𑐰𑐿𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑐷𑐰𑐣𑐫𑐵 𑐖𑐟𑐶 𑑋 𑐩𑑂𑐴𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐩𑐔𑐵 𑐗𑐷 𑐨𑐺𑐎𑐸𑐟𑐶 𑐮𑐵𑐣𑐶𑑄 𑐧𑑁𑐡𑑂𑐢–𑐢𑑂𑐰𑐵𑑃𑐫𑑂 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐾𑐫𑑂 𑐀𑐬𑐣𑐶𑐎𑑀𑑄 𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐎𑐮𑐵𑐎𑐺𑐟𑐶 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐣 𑐠𑐾𑑄 𑐴𑑂𑐰𑐫𑑂𑐎𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐾𑐫𑑂 𑐏𑑅 […]

𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐥𑐸𑐬𑑂𑐏𑐵𑐥𑐶𑐣𑐶 𑐎𑐵𑐧𑑂𑐫𑐶𑐎 𑐖𑐷𑐰𑐣𑐷

𑐳𑐏𑐾 𑐠𑐠𑐾 𑐏𑑅 𑐎𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐫𑑂 𑐮𑐶𑐳𑐾 𑐩𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐢𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 𑐀𑐳𑑂𑐠𑐶𑐟𑐶 𑐏𑑅 𑐀𑐮𑐾 𑐩𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑃 𑐴𑐾 𑐩𑐏𑐸 𑐢𑐵𑐟𑑂𑐠𑐾𑑄 𑐮𑐵 𑑋 𑐠𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐀𑐗 𑐳𑑂𑐥𑐲𑑂𑐚 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾 𑐠𑐸𑐥𑐶𑑄 𑐏𑑃𑐥𑐸𑐟 𑐮𑐶𑐳𑐾 𑑋 𑐕𑑄 𑐳𑑂𑐫𑐹 𑐩𑐣𑐹 𑐫𑐎𑑂𑐰 𑐡𑐸𑑅𑐏 […]

𑐳𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐎𑑂𑐎 𑐫𑐐𑑂𑐐𑐵𑐂𑐐𑐸 𑐎𑐣𑑂𑐴𑐫𑑂, 𑐕𑐥𑐸 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐥𑑂𑐣 ...

–𑐳𑐬𑐶𑐣𑐵 𑐧𑐖𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐔𑐵𑐬𑑂𑐫 𑐔𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐐𑐶𑐬𑐷 𑐣𑐐𑐬𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐶𑐎𑐵 𑑑𑑕, 𑐣𑐿𑐎𑐵𑐥 𑐏𑑅, 𑐖𑐶 𑐩𑐶𑐳𑐵 ! 𑐳𑐸𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑑄 𑐥𑐿𑐟𑐺𑐎 𑐳𑐩𑑂𑐥𑐟𑐶 𑐩𑐏𑐸 𑐳𑐸𑐣𑐵𑐣𑑄 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐠𑐾 𑐫𑐵𑐎𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐶𑐩𑑂𑐴 𑐣𑐶𑐬𑑂𑐖𑐷𑐰 𑐰𑐳𑑂𑐟𑐸 𑐩𑐏𑐸 𑑋 𑐳𑐴𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾 𑐦𑐟𑑂𑐟𑐮𑐾 𑐳𑐴𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐀𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐫 𑐀𑐟𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐔𑐵𑐬 𑐖𑐸𑐮𑐎𑐶 𑐩𑐶𑐳𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 […]

𑐏𑑅, 𑐖𑐶 𑐩𑐶𑐳𑐵 !

–𑐬𑐷𑐡𑐾𑐣 𑐩𑐴𑐬𑑂𑐖𑐣 𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐹—𑑑 𑐥𑐵𑐥–𑐥𑐸𑐞𑑂𑐫–𑐢𑐬𑑂𑐩 𑐢𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 𑐕𑐸𑑄 𑐏𑑅 ? 𑐖𑐶𑑄 𑐩𑐳𑐶𑐮, 𑐖𑐶 𑐩𑐠𑐸𑐮 ! 𑐗𑐷 𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐵𑐣𑑄 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐵𑐣𑑄 𑐗𑐷𑐳 𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐨𑐵𑐳𑑄 𑐣𑐸𑐐𑑅 𑐔𑐎𑑄𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐣𑐸𑐐𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐵𑑃 𑐴𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐣𑐸𑐐𑑅 𑐳𑑅 𑐠𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐩𑐵𑑄𑐨𑐵𑐫𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐩𑐟𑐶𑐣𑐵 𑐩𑐫𑐵𑐳𑐾 […]

𑐥𑐵𑐥–𑐥𑐸𑐞𑑂𑐫–𑐢𑐬𑑂𑐩 (𑐔𑐶𑐣𑐵𑐏𑑃)