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Ranjana Scrip Chart
Ranjana lipi fascinates me not simply because it is my wife’s name but for its uniqueness as an alphabet also known as Lun aakh (Golden script) that finds people working to make it more popular. Not to preach but to practise. I suggest my friends and organizations working for the […]

Ranjana lipi Lexicographer / Epigrapher ...

Campaign Spotlight: Nepali national newspaper redesigns masthead for Newari New Year Day
source : CampaignSpotlight NEPAL – Nepal Samacharpatra, a leading national daily of Nepal, for the first time in history of media took a step forward to redesign their masthead to commemorate the original script of Nepal ‘Ranjana Lipi’ on the occasion of Newari New Year Day, also celebrated as Mha Puja. […]

Campaign Spotlight: Nepali national newspaper ...