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  LET’S BUILD A MODEL ECO VILLAGE IN NEPAL! The Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation is a growing NGO in Nepal and an opportunity is available to integrate all of the programs above and build the Foundation around a core physical village center.  A large (180’ x 140’) open lot in the center of the village is for sale.  We have until April 1st, 2013 to raise the $70,000 needed to purchase the land for the Foundation as an endowment. […]

Eco Village Nepal

Do you want a overseas volunteer experience that is meaningful and a provides a sense of contribution to a worthy goal? Do you want to experience Nepal first hand – living as a volunteer in a local community, forming long-term friendships and experiencing Nepal, its people and its culture authentically? FACE Nepal is a unique volunteer organization which is dedicated to providing clear benefit to the community through having direct responsibility to the community and a transparent and ethical organizational […]

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