Socio-perspective Alliance (

Socio-perspective alliance is a  non-profitable, social organization established in 2007. Working for the  exclusive students, this organization has tried to bring positive  change in the society. Within a year, this organization is successfully  involved with about 20 students from three different schools located in  the outskirts of the capital. The students who were once considered as  poor in studies, absentees, problematic, misbehaved etc. are taken care  involving their parents and teachers. The initiatives taken to improve  those students resulted positively to bring them back in the mainstream  of the school curriculum. They changed their attitude towards their  parents and teachers improving their studies as well. Continuity to  this progress will lead them to be the responsible citizen of the  country.

With high hopes, the organization  is trying to bridge the gap between teachers and parents to benefit the  children with the feeling of pleasure and safety at home and in school  for the teaching-learning process. To provide the children, the  suitable environment, the organization is readily creating awareness in  the family members and working with teachers as helping hand to make  them understand the children. The belief for the conduction of the  program is that working for exclusive students will definitely help to  improve the quality of education and produce effective manpower for the  progress of the society avoiding the children to run into any  anti-social activities.