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Maya Scholarship Program:

Maya Universe Academy provides each student with books, stationary, and two sets of school uniforms. The Maya Scholarship Program helps offset the cost of these items for one student and also pays a portion of the faculty and administrative costs for the school that student attends.  Since its inception, our Maya Scholarship Program has been funded through small contributions from friends, family, volunteers, and local NGOs. Although these friends of Maya do so much, as the school grows, so does our need. Recently, Maya Universe Academy applied for and received funding for 24 of our girls at the MUA-Damauli from the Little Sister’s Fund, an international NGO working to promote educational opportunities for girls.  Our relationship with Little Sister’s has also jumpstarted our women’s health initiative in that area.  We hope that you are willing to take up our cause and sponsor a student.

Roja in classYour support in the form of a one-year scholarship will pay the costs of providing one student at Maya Universe Academy with a quality education.  The Maya Scholarship Program will unite individuals across the globe through our common cause of education. Come, join our movement and take up our vital cause. Your investment in a child will not go wasted.  Help us build a better future for the children of Nepal and ensure the quality of life for generations to come. Once you decide to sponsor a student, we will assist you with building a connection to the student you support. Supporters will be recognized on our website for their scholarship contribution and a philanthropic certificate will be awarded. Supporters will also receive an annual report from Maya Universe Academy.  Our need is great! Please consider establishing a reoccurring Maya Scholarship for one or more students.

The scholarship cost of a student at Maya for a year is 200$

S.N. Description Nrs US$ Percentage
1 Class Teacher 8700 102.35 51.17
2 Books and stationery 3800 44.70 22.35
3. Maya School 2500 29.41 14.70
4. School Uniform 2000 23.53 11.76
Total 17000 200 100

Exchange rate: Due to the fluctuation of the US dollar, we have calculated ($1 = NRS 85

Details of the costs of supporting a student at Maya Universe Academy follow:

1) Class teacher: We train and hire teachers from the local community.  We give priority to women and the population belonging to the lower caste groups. Women do not have significant employment opportunities in rural villages, and are chronically under or unemployed within these communities. Their families are often supported by foreign remittance sent from the men who earn by working in countries like Qatar and Kuwait. Maya Universe Academy provides is committed to providing opportunity for the local populace to engage the school and earn a living. As a respectable and highly sought out job, MUA is able to select only the most qualified and highly motivated individuals. Our teachers are hard-working and dedicated, they rise early to tend their fields, and work late into the night to correct homework, plan lessons, and provide after school activities.  In return for their dedication, Maya Universe Academy offers a living wage, often higher than the local standard. Each teacher receives a salary of US$59 every month (just under $2 a day) and a bonus of $113 for festive occasions according to village traditions (i.e. rice eating ceremony for newborns, marriage, religious occasions etc.)

2) Books, Notebooks and Stationary: We select books from national publication houses in Kathmandu. We also maintain a children’s library that students are able to take out on loan according to their interests and skills in various subjects. Each grade receives the texts for the eight subjects in the curriculum as well as supplementary workbooks. Each student also receives stationary, writing material, and other school supplies such as colored pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, and protractors.

3) Maya School: The school operates with the assistance of the community, paid employees, and volunteers. Maya Universe Academy retains one full-time teacher per grade as well as a branch principal.  Short-term and long-term volunteers assist our permanent faculty and staff and are appointed their work positions by the school president. Maya Universe Academy attracts volunteers from across Nepal and the world.  Currently, we have had volunteers from over two dozen countries serve the school.  Our ever expanding community constantly evolves and adapts with new ideas and solutions to resolve conflicts and problems Our  dedicated founder and president, Manjil Rana, assisted by the Maya Board of Directors,  supervises the implementation of the school curriculum, trains new teachers and staffers, manages the opening of new branch locations and the building of new classrooms,  executes fund development, oversees the Director of Agriculture, who operates our organic farms,  and acts as an ambassador for the Maya Standard while raising awareness about the state of education in Nepal.

4) School Uniform: We are the only school in our districts and one of the few in Nepal to use the traditional Nepalese clothes as the school uniform. Boys are provided a Daura, Suruwal, Dhaka topi, shoes and socks.

Girls are provided a Cholo, Skirt, shoes and socks. (The girls do not wear Dhaka topi, which is our traditional hat for boys).

Something more for interested sponsors: (Optional)

Most of the students we have belong to lower caste and indigenous families. Malnutrition is a major problem in the villages our schools operate in.  Most students do not bring a mid-day snack to the school. We do provide lunch, but sometimes our efforts to nourish our students physically are limited due to our financial capability. A hungry stomach makes is very difficult for students to pay attention, some of our students may only receive one meal a day. If you are willing to give just $50 dollars more per year, a hearty, nutritious mid-day meal for the child you are sponsoring will be provided.  It would be of great assistance.  For a total of $250 dollars a year, you can make a great difference in our students’ lives, providing them with clothing, food, and education. We are building a future for positive, everlasting change, but without your support, we will not be able to accomplish our goals. Your support and trust will help us continue to implement our work to educate the children of rural Nepal as our movement gains momentum and self-sustainability. . Every penny counts and your support will guarantee a child receives a quality education.

We greatly appreciate your consideration of this proposal and thank you for your past support. We could not accomplish what we have without the generous commitment of our volunteers, supporters, and friends. 

If you have any further questions or would like more information please contact Surya Karki (Email Address: / or Manjil Rana (Email address: / Phone number: 977-981848394)or visit us online at


“Change is you, comes through you, and is possible only through you”.


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