There are far too many children in Nepal who cannot attend school due to extreme poverty or other difficult circumstances in their homes. In Nepal, many impoverished children must enter into child labor or premature marriage, in order to survive. For these children, it is very difficult to receive even the most basic schooling, food or adequate clothing. We know that every child should have an education, so that they can grow up to be responsible, independent citizens. School Nepal is about making this dream come true..

School Nepal is operated by its founder, by Amrita Arjyal, a woman with a huge heart and a true passion for children. Amrita was born in Nepal. She lived and worked in the USA for over twenty years, primarily teaching and caring for children. She returned to Nepal permanently in 2008 with a vision and a plan; to help as many impoverished children attend school as she possibly could. And so School Nepal was born.

More than 100 children currently benefit from School Nepal. Most of the children live in Kathmandu and some in Biratnagar. For every $120 contributed, School Nepal can help send another child to school for a full year. Amrita personally chooses the children who will benefit most from your sponsorship. Some are in orphanages and some have families. Amrita becomes deeply involved with their education, their progress, and other aspects of their lives, doing her best to make sure that they prosper. Amrita takes no salary. Every single dollar contributed goes for the child’s welfare.

School Nepal is a labor of love, a labor of passion, a labor of commitment. For a small amount of money you can show yours and change a life. You can help.