Total Number of Students Studying in Various Universities of Nepal

Total Number of Students Studying in Various Universities of Nepal-1

Tribhuvan University is the oldest university in Nepal among the universities opened in Nepal so far. It was established in 2016 BS with the aim of developing higher education in Nepal. Nepal Sanskrit University is the second university. This university was established with the aim of providing higher education in the Sanskrit language within the country for the promotion and development of the Sanskrit language. The central office of this university is located in Beljhundi, Dang, Midwestern Development Region of Nepal. Kathmandu University was established in 2048 BS as the third university.

Since the country needs skilled manpower with knowledge and skills in various subjects and it is not possible for a single university to complete the task due to various difficulties including managerial issues, the Government of Nepal has adopted a policy of establishing universities at the regional level with private resources and means, so Purvanchal University was established in the year 2051 BS. Purvanchal University plays a vital role in producing skilled manpower in higher education.

Pokhara University was established in 2054 BS. BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) established at Dharan in Sunsari district in 2055 with the technical and financial support of the Government of India is a university-like higher educational institution. BPKIHS produces doctors and nurses.

Other Universities in Nepal: Lumbini Buddhist University, Agriculture and Forestry University, Far Western University, Mid Western University, Nepal Open University, and Rajarhi Janak University

According to the information received from the University Grants Commission (UGC), a total of 466,828 students are studying in the University and Health Academy in the academic session 2076/77. The highest 76.4% of the total students studying in the university are studying in Tribhuvan University. Similarly, 6.98% of students are studying in Pokhara University, 5.9% in Purwanchal University, and 3.99% at Kathmandu University respectively. The rest of the universities and health academies have less than 3% of students.

Out of the total 466828 students, 89.2% have completed graduation, 10.2% have completed post-graduation, 0.35% have completed PhD, 0.28% have completed MPhil, and 0.05% have completed post-graduate diploma. The enrollment ratio is higher in Tribhuvan University than other universities.

Analyzing the data, out of a total of 466,828 students enrolled in the academic semester 2076-77, 43.43% of students are in the Faculty of Management, followed by 19.1% in the Faculty of Education, 12.61% in the Faculty of Humanities and Sociology, 8% in the Faculty of Science, 6% in Engineering. 38% and 5.95% studying medical science, while relatively less students have been enrolled in other faculties.

Gender-wise Student Enrollment Statement of Universities/Health Science Institutes, 2076/77

Universities Male Female Total
Tribhuvan University (TU) 161720 194934 356654
Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU) 2117 711 2828
Kathmandu University (KU) 9961 8682 18643
Purbanchal University (PU) 13108 14419 27527
Pokhara University 18317 14267 32584
Lumbini Buddist University (LBU) 478 217 695
Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) 2528 1900 4428
Far Western University (FWU) 3872 6225 10097
Mid-Western University (MWU) 5175 4579 9754
Nepal Open University (NOU) 1032 132 1164
Rajarshi Janak University 108 78 186
Health Institutes
BP Koirala Institute of Health Science (BPKIHS) 746 602 1348
National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) 201 441 642
Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS) 60 159 219
Karnali Academy of Health Science (KAHS) 35 24 59
Total 219458 247370 466828

Level-Wise Student Admission Details under Universities/Health Science Institutes, 2076/77:

University / Level Bachelor PGD Masters Mphil PhD Total
Tribhuvan University (TU) 322540 32998 1116 356654
Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU) 2441 152 235 2828
Kathmandu University (KU) 16016 200 1731 578 118 18643
Purbanchal University (PU) 24370 3141 16 27527
Pokhara University 28813 3693 63 15 32584
Lumbini Buddist University (LBU) 284 14 397 695
Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) 3629 687 112 4428
Far Western University (FWU) 9039 1058 10097
Mid-Western University (MWU) 7258 2456 9714
Nepal Open University 302 210 40 552
Rajarshi Janak University 168 18 652 838
Health Institutes
BP Koirala Institute of Health Science (BPKIHS) 1018 329 1 1348
National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) 349 293 642
Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS) 145 74 219
Karnali Academy of Health Science (KAHS) 54 5 59
Total 416426 214 47242 1333 1613 466828

source: CollegeNP