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𑐫: 𑐩𑐬𑐷 Rice Flour, Meat, Chaku (sweet) or Maa(pulses) or Muu(pulses) 𑐔𑐚𑑂𑐚𑐵𑑃 𑐩𑐬𑐷 Rice Flour 𑐟: 𑐏𑐵 Terrin of Buffalo meat 𑐳:𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐵: 𑐏𑐹𑐣𑐵 Terrin of buffalo meat and tiny fresh water fish 𑐳𑐾 𑐮𑐵: Buffalo lungs 𑐕𑑀𑐫𑑂 𑐮𑐵: Meat (mainly Buffalo, Duck), chiles, onion, oil 𑐰𑐵𑐬𑐵 𑐰 Maa (pulses) or […]

𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵 𑐏𑑄𑐐𑑂𑐰 – 𑑔

Cooked Rice 𑐖𑐵: Rice 𑐖𑐵𑐎𑐶 Paddy 𑐰𑐵 Wheat 𑐕𑑀 Poha (Beaten Rice) 𑐰𑐖𑐷 Meat (Buff / Chicken / Lamb / Pork) 𑐮𑐵: (𑐩𑐾𑐂 𑐮𑐵 / 𑐏𑐵𑐃 𑐮𑐵 / 𑐡𑐸𑐎𑐸𑐔𑐶𑐄 𑐮𑐵 / 𑐦𑐵𑐃 𑐮𑐵) Dry Meat 𑐳𑐸𑐎𑐸𑐮𑐵: Yogurt 𑐢𑑁

𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵 𑐏𑑄𑐐𑑂𑐰 – 𑑓

Mother 𑐩𑐵𑑄 Father 𑐀𑐧𑐸 Grandmother 𑐀𑐖𑐷 Grandfather 𑐀𑐖𑐵 Brother (Elder) 𑐡𑐵𑐖𑐸 Brother (younger) 𑐎𑐶𑐖𑐵 Sister (elder) 𑐟𑐟𑐵 Sister (younger) 𑐎𑐾𑑄 Uncle (Mother’s brother) 𑐥𑐵𑐖𑐸 Uncle (Father’s brother) 𑐟: 𑐧𑐵 / 𑐎: 𑐎𑐵 Uncle (Father’s sister’s husband) 𑐥𑐵𑐖𑐸 Aunty (Father’s sister) 𑐣𑐶𑐣𑐷 Aunty (Mother’s sister) 𑐟:𑐩𑐵 Aunty (Father’s elder brother’s wife) […]

𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵 𑐏𑑄𑐐𑑂𑐰 – 𑑒

Hello 𑐖𑑂𑐰𑐖𑐮𑐥𑐵 What is your name? 𑐕𑐶𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑐵𑑄: 𑐕𑐸 𑐏𑑅 ? My name is ___ 𑐖𑐶𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑐵𑑄: ___ 𑐏: New Year greetings 𑐤𑐹𑐡𑑃𑐫𑐵 𑐨𑐶𑑄𑐟𑐸𑐣𑐵 Thank you 𑐱𑐸𑐨𑐵𑐫𑑂 Welcome 𑐮𑐳𑐎𑐸𑐳 Yes 𑐏𑑅 No 𑐩𑐏𑐸 Okay 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐸 Not Okay 𑐩𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐸 Friend 𑐥𑐵𑐳𑐵 Organization 𑐐𑐸𑐠𑐶 House 𑐕𑐾𑑄 Human 𑐩𑐣𑐸 Medicine 𑐰𑐵𑐳: News 𑐧𑐸𑐏𑑄 […]

𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵 𑐏𑑄𑐐𑑂𑐰 – 𑑑

𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵: 𑐀𑐣𑐮𑐵𑐂𑐣 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐸𑐖 – 𑐮𑐮𑐾𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑂𑐬 𑐱𑐵𑐎𑑂𑐫 | 𑑒𑑐𑑗𑑕 𑐔𑐿𑐟𑑂𑐬 𑑒𑑘, 𑐧𑐶𑐴𑐶𑐧𑐵𑐬 𑑑𑑗:𑑒𑑔:𑑔𑑓 𑐩𑐹𑐥𑐵𑐴𑐵𑑃 𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐹 𑐣𑐐𑐬𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐶𑐎𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐩𑐾𑐫𑐬 𑐬𑐩𑐾𑐱 𑐩𑐴𑐬𑑂‍𑐖𑐣 𑐁𑐎𑐬𑑂‍𑐲𑐎 𑐮𑐵𑐃𑐚–𑐩𑐘𑑂𑐔–𑐳𑐵𑐄𑐞𑑂𑐜 𑐳𑐶𑐲𑑂𑐚𑐩𑐮𑐶𑐳𑐾𑑄 𑐎𑐣𑑂𑐳𑐬𑑂‍𑐚, 𑐔𑐔𑐵𑐥𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐏𑑄, 𑐮𑐵𑐏𑐾𑐥𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐏𑑄, 𑐬𑐵𑐖𑐎𑐸𑐩𑐵𑐬 𑐰 𑐮𑐵𑐏𑐾 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐠𑐮𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐥𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐏𑑄, 𑐩𑑂𑐫𑐾, 𑐴𑐸𑐮𑐵𑐥𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐏𑑄𑑄 𑐰 𑐴𑐣𑐵𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑑅 𑐧𑐶.𑐳𑑄. 𑑒𑑐𑑖𑑔 𑐩𑑄𑐳𑐷𑐬 𑑕 𑐐𑐟𑐾 𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐹𑐫𑐵 𑐤𑐹𑐥𑐶𑑄 𑐰 𑐥𑐸𑐮𑐵𑑄𑐥𑐶𑑄 𑐳𑑄𑐐𑐷𑐟𑐎𑑅𑐩𑐶 𑐰 𑐳𑑄𑐐𑐷𑐟𑐴𑑂𑐫𑑅𑐩𑐶𑐥𑐶𑑄 𑐖𑐵𑐣𑐵𑑅 𑐣𑐷𑐳𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑐷𑐮𑑅 𑐳𑐵𑑄𑐳𑑂𑐎𑐺𑐟𑐶𑐎 𑐥𑐸𑐔𑑅 […]

𑐱𑐸𑐎𑑂𑐬𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐎𑐶𑐥𑐸𑐮𑐷 𑐣𑐷𑐮𑑅 𑐳𑐵𑑄𑐳𑑂𑐎𑐺𑐟𑐶𑐎 𑐥𑐸𑐔𑑅𑐫𑐵 ...

𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵: 𑐀𑐣𑐮𑐵𑐂𑐣 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐸𑐖 – 𑐮𑐮𑐾𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑂𑐬 𑐱𑐵𑐎𑑂𑐫 | 𑑒𑑐𑑗𑑕 𑐔𑐿𑐟𑑂𑐬 𑑑𑑓, 𑐧𑐸𑐢𑐧𑐵𑐬 𑑑𑑓:𑑕𑑔:𑑑𑑓 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮 𑐮𑐶𑐥𑐶 𑐐𑐸𑐠𑐶𑐫𑐵 𑐤𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐥𑐶𑐠𑐣𑐵 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐐𑑁𑐬𑐰 𑐰 𑐥𑐴𑐶𑐔𑐵𑐣𑐫𑐵 𑐔𑐶𑑄 ‘𑐬𑑄𑐖𑐣𑐵 𑐮𑐶𑐥𑐶 𑐰𑐬𑑂‍𑐞𑐩𑐵𑐮𑐵’ 𑐳𑐦𑐹 𑐁𑑅 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐶𑐐𑑅𑐣𑑂𑐫𑑄𑐎𑑄 𑐧𑐖𑐵𑐬𑐫𑑂 𑐰𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮 𑐮𑐶𑐥𑐶𑑄 𑐐𑐸𑐠𑐶𑑄 𑐕𑐸𑑄 𑐡𑐶𑑄 𑐤𑑂𑐫𑑅 𑐖𑐎 𑐫𑐾𑑃𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑑅 𑐧𑑂𑐫𑐵𑑄𑐎𑑂𑐰𑐾𑐚𑐫𑑂 𑐕𑐐𑐹 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐡𑐠𑐸𑐂 𑐠𑐸𑐐𑐸 ‘𑐬𑑄𑐖𑐣𑐵 𑐮𑐶𑐥𑐶 𑐰𑐬𑑂‍𑐞𑐩𑐵𑐮𑐵’ 𑐳𑐦𑐹 […]

‘𑐬𑑄𑐖𑐣𑐵 𑐮𑐶𑐥𑐶 𑐰𑐬𑑂‍𑐞𑐩𑐵𑐮𑐵’ 𑐳𑐦𑐹 𑐁𑑅 ...

𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵: 𑐀𑐣𑐮𑐵𑐂𑐣 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐸𑐖 | 𑑒𑑐𑑗𑑖 𑐧𑐿𑐱𑐵𑐏 𑑘, 𑐁𑐂𑐟𑐧𑐵𑐬 𑑑𑑒:𑑕𑑔:𑑑𑑔 𑐳𑑅 𑐕𑐐𑐹 𑐦𑐬𑐎 𑐀𑐨𑐶𑐰𑑂𑐫𑐎𑑂𑐟𑐶𑐫𑐵 𑐐𑑂𑐰𑐳𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐪𑐶𑐐𑑅 𑐱𑐣𑐶𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐔𑐶𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐾𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐖𑐸𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐄𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐩𑐴𑐾𑐣𑑂𑐡𑑂𑐬 𑐐𑑀𑐥𑐵𑐮 𑐎𑐬𑑂‍𑐩𑐵𑐔𑐵𑐬𑑂‍𑐫, 𑐳𑐩𑐵𑐣𑑂𑐟 𑐱𑑂𑐬𑐾𑐲𑑂𑐛, 𑐡𑐶𑐮 𑐧𑐴𑐵𑐡𑐸𑐬 𑐟𑐸𑐫𑐹𑐥𑐸𑑄 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐪𑐳𑑂𑐫𑐵𑑄 𑐠𑑅𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐥𑐸 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐥𑐸 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐵𑑅 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑑄𑐎𑐵𑐡𑐷𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 𑐣𑐬𑐾𑐱 𑐀𑐩𑐵𑐟𑑂𑐫𑑄 𑐤𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐎𑐵𑐡𑐷𑐐𑐸 𑐄𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐧𑐵𑐏𑑄 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐩𑐶𑐥𑐶𑐣𑑂𑐟 𑐳𑐸𑐣𑐶𑐮 𑐧𑐖𑑂𑐬𑐵𑐔𑐵𑐬𑑂‍𑐫𑑄 𑐮𑐳𑐎𑐸𑐳 […]

𑐳𑑅 𑐕𑐐𑐹 𑐦𑐬𑐎 𑐀𑐨𑐶𑐰𑑂𑐫𑐎𑑂𑐟𑐶 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑐮𑐫𑑂 ...

𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵: 𑐀𑐣𑐮𑐵𑐂𑐣 𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐸𑐖 – 𑐣𑐶𑐱𑑂𑐔𑐮 | 𑑒𑑐𑑗𑑖 𑐧𑐿𑐱𑐵𑐏 𑑘, 𑐁𑐂𑐟𑐧𑐵𑐬 𑑑𑑓:𑑐𑑕:𑑓𑑑 𑐡𑐾𑐐𑑅 𑐪𑐶𑐔𑐵 𑐳𑐦𑐹𑐫𑐵 𑐐𑑂𑐰𑐳𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐱𑐸𑐎𑑂𑐬𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐎𑐸𑐥𑐞𑑂𑐜𑑀𑐮𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑐵𑐟𑑀𑐁𑐎𑐶 𑐨𑐰𑐣𑐫𑑂 𑐢𑐬𑑂‍𑐩 𑐬𑐵𑐖 𑐬𑐵𑐖𑐎𑐬𑑂‍𑐞𑐶𑐎𑐵𑐬𑐫𑐵 𑐧𑐸𑑄𑐐𑐵𑑅𑐔𑐵 𑐴𑐵𑐂𑐎𑐸 𑐳𑐦𑐹 𑐥𑐶𑐟𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐖𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐩𑐹𑐥𑐵𑐴𑐵𑑃 𑐎𑐠𑑄 𑐱𑐟𑐵𑐧𑑂𑐡𑐷 𑐥𑐸𑐬𑐹𑐲 𑐳𑐟𑑂𑐫𑐩𑑀𑐴𑐣𑐖𑑀𑐱𑐷𑑄 𑐗𑐵𑐫𑐵𑐡𑐶𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅𑑋 𑐰𑐫𑐎𑐮𑑄 𑐥𑐶𑐣𑐾𑑄 𑐰𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐳𑐵𑐴𑐶𑐟𑑂𑐫 𑐎𑐵𑐫𑐾 𑐴𑐾 𑐩𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐹 𑐢𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 𑐩𑐏𑐸 𑐧𑐵𑑄𑐮𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐤𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐾𑐫𑑂 𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 […]

𑐢𑐬𑑂‍𑐩 𑐬𑐵𑐖 𑐬𑐵𑐖𑐎𑐬𑑂‍𑐞𑐶𑐎𑐵𑐬𑐫𑐵 𑐧𑐸𑑄𑐐𑐵𑑅𑐔𑐵 𑐴𑐵𑐂𑐎𑐸 ...

𑐣𑐬𑐾𑐱𑐰𑐷𑐬 𑐱𑐵𑐎𑑂𑐫 𑐪𑐶𑐐𑑅 𑑒𑑑 𑐦𑐬𑐰𑐬𑐷 𑐎𑐸𑐤𑐸 𑐰𑐶𑐱𑑂𑐰 𑐩𑐵𑐟𑐺𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐡𑐶𑐰𑐳 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐣𑑄 𑐠𑐷𑐠𑐷 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑑅𑐟 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑑅 𑐴𑐣𑐾 𑐎𑑂𑐰𑐔𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐏𑐫𑑂𑐟 𑐮𑐵 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐁𑐥𑐵𑐮𑑄 𑐡𑐶𑐰𑐳𑐟 𑐴𑐣𑐵 𑐰𑐫𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸, 𑐟𑐬 𑐰𑐶𑐱𑑂𑐰 𑐩𑐵𑐟𑐺𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐡𑐶𑐰𑐳𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐳𑐬𑐎𑐵𑐬𑐷 𑐣𑐶𑐎𑐵𑐫𑐟𑐫𑑂𑐐𑐸 𑐴𑐾 𑐳𑑄𑐮𑐐𑑂𑐣𑐟𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐴𑐣𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐗𑑂𑐰𑑅 𑐤𑑂𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐫𑐎𑑂𑐰 𑐩𑐡𑐸𑐣𑐶 𑑋 𑑒𑑑 𑐦𑐬𑐰𑐬𑐷𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐰𑐶𑐱𑑂𑐰 𑐩𑐵𑐟𑐺𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐡𑐶𑐰𑐳 𑐎𑐠𑑄 𑐴𑐣𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑐶𑐬𑑂‍𑐞𑐫 𑐳𑑄𑐫𑐸𑐎𑑂𑐟 𑐬𑐵𑐲𑑂𑐚𑑂𑐬 𑐳𑑄𑐑𑑄 𑐑𑑀𑐲𑐞𑐵 […]

𑐤𑐵𑐥𑐵𑑄𑐪 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐶𑐎 𑐱𑐴𑐷𑐡 𑐱𑐸𑐎𑑂𑐬𑐬𑐵𑐖 𑐖𑑀𑐱𑐷

#𑐨𑐶𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐸 𑐀𑐱𑑂𑐰𑐑𑑀𑐲 𑐩𑐴𑐵𑐳𑑂𑐠𑐰𑐶𑐬 𑐐𑑁𑐟𑐩 𑐧𑐸𑐡𑑂𑐢𑑄 𑐧𑐬𑑀𑐧𑐬 𑐢𑐫𑐵𑐧𑐶𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐂𑐐𑐸 𑐕𑐐𑐹 𑐡𑐸–‘𑐀𑐔𑐶𑐣𑑂𑐟𑐶𑐟𑐵𑐩𑑂𑐥𑐶 𑐨𑐰𑐟𑐶, 𑐔𑐶𑐣𑑂𑐟𑐶𑐟𑐵𑐩𑑂𑐥𑐶 𑐰𑐶𑐣𑐳𑑂𑐳𑐟𑐶’ 𑐀𑐬𑑂‍𑐠𑐵𑐟 𑐩𑐟𑐷 𑐩𑐮𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑐹, 𑐩𑐟𑐷 𑐮𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐩𑐖𑐹 𑑋 𑐖𑐶𑐟𑑅 𑐩𑐟𑐷 𑐴𑐾 𑐩𑐮𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐕𑐐𑐹 𑐖𑐸𑐮 𑑋 𑐰 𑐕𑐸 𑐢𑐵𑑅𑐳𑐵 –𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐥𑐬𑐶𑐲𑐡𑑄 𑐖𑐶𑐟𑑅 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐠𑐸𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐩𑐵𑐣𑐵𑐬𑑂‍𑐠 𑐥𑐡𑐧𑐷 𑐧𑐶𑐮 𑑋 𑐩𑐟𑐷 𑐩𑐮𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐢𑐫𑐵𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐧𑐵𑐬𑐾 𑐁𑐥𑐵𑐮𑑄 𑐖𑑂𑐘𑐵𑑄 𑐡𑐸𑐪 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐣𑐪𑐾𑐳𑐶𑐟 𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐠𑐸𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐥𑐡𑐰𑐷 𑐧𑐷𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 𑐖𑐶 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐫𑐵 […]

𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐠𑐸𑐰𑐵𑑅 𑐰 𑐰𑐶𑐴𑐵𑐬 𑐠𑐸𑐰𑐵𑑅

𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑑄𑐰𑐶𑐢𑐵𑐣𑐫𑑂 𑐳𑐩𑐵𑐖𑐰𑐵𑐡𑐄𑐣𑑂𑐩𑐸𑐏 𑐡𑐾𑐱 𑐢𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐄𑐮𑑂𑐮𑐾𑐏 𑐖𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐀𑐠𑐾 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐢𑐸𑑄𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐄𑐎𑐠𑑄𑐫𑐵 𑐎𑐵𑐣𑐹𑐣 𑐣𑐶𑐬𑑂‍𑐩𑐵𑐞 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵 𑐰𑐣𑐾𑐩𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐳𑑄𑐳𑐡𑐫𑐵 𑐡𑐵𑐫𑐶𑐟𑑂𑐰 𑐣𑑄 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 𑐏𑐫𑑂𑐟 𑐮𑐵 𑐀𑐣𑑂𑐟𑐬𑐶𑐩 𑐳𑑄𑐰𑐶𑐢𑐵𑐣 𑑒𑑐𑑖𑑓 𑐡𑐸𑐣𑐾 𑐱𑐶𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐵 𑐰 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐳𑑂𑐠𑑂𑐫 𑐣𑐶𑑅𑐱𑐸𑐮𑑂𑐎 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑃 𑐄𑐮𑑂𑐮𑐾𑐏 𑐖𑐸𑐂𑐢𑐸𑑄𑐎𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑅 𑑋 𑐟𑐬 𑐄𑐎𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐎𑐵𑐣𑐹𑐣 𑐡𑐫𑐾𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐮𑐵𑐐𑐹 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐢𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐢𑐸𑑄𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐢𑐵𑑅𑐳𑐵 𑐁𑑅 𑐟𑐎 𑐣𑑄 𑐄𑐎𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐥𑐵𑐫𑑂𑐕𑐶 𑐎𑐠𑑄 𑐕𑑂𑐫𑐮𑐵𑐧𑐸𑐮𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐴𑐫𑐾 […]

𑐱𑐶𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐵 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐳𑑂𑐠𑑂𑐫 𑐣𑐶𑑅𑐱𑐸𑐮𑑂𑐎𑐫𑐵 𑐳𑐰𑐵𑐮

𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐴𑐾 𑐖𑐷𑐰𑐣 𑐩𑐏𑐸 𑐮𑐵 ? 𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑑙𑑑 𑐡𑑃 𑐟𑐵𑑅𑐴𑐵𑐎𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐖𑐷𑐰𑐣𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐤𑑂𑐫𑐂𑐥𑐸𑐎 𑐡𑑂𑐫𑑅𑐏𑑅 𑐳𑐵𑑅𑐠𑐾𑑄 𑐑𑐬𑐑𑐬 𑐳𑐵𑐮𑐵𑑅 𑐳𑐩𑐵𑐖𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐁𑑅 𑐣𑑄 𑐮𑐸𑐩𑐸𑐐𑐸 𑐩𑐟𑐶𑐣𑐵 𑐰𑐵 𑐳𑐾𑐰𑐵 𑐧𑐶𑐫𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐪 𑐧𑐏𑐟 𑐣𑐵𑐬𑐵𑐫𑐞𑐫𑐵𑐟 𑐏𑐣𑐷𑐧𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐠𑐠𑐾 𑐣𑐸𑐐𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐩𑐰𑐳𑐾 𑐔𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐾𑐦𑐂𑐩𑐏𑐸 𑑋 𑐧𑐏𑐟 𑐣𑐵𑐬𑐵𑐫𑐞 𑐱𑑂𑐬𑐾𑐲𑑂𑐛 – 𑐣𑐵𑐩𑑄 𑐴𑐾 𑐐𑐵𑑅 𑐁𑑅𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑐎𑐟𑐶𑐣𑐶 𑐣𑐎𑐟𑐶𑐣𑐶 𑐥𑑂𑐮𑐵𑐣𑐶𑐒 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑑅 𑐰𑐶𑐳𑑂𑐟𑐵𑐬 𑐫𑐵𑐣𑐵𑐟𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐩𑑁𑐮𑐷𑐂 𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐥𑐶𑑄𑐟 𑑋 𑐰𑐫𑐵 𑐏𑑂𑐰𑐵𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐳𑐮𑑄𑐳𑑅𑐥𑐸 […]

𑐡𑐩𑑁𑐮𑐷𑐫𑐵 𑐡𑑂𑐫𑑅 𑐧𑐏𑐟 𑐣𑐵𑐬𑐵𑐫𑐞

𑐤𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐱𑐿𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐶𑐎 𑐳𑐟𑑂𑐬 𑐳𑐸𑐬𑐸 𑐖𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐠𑐷𑐠𑐷 𑐎𑐠𑑄 𑐀𑐨𑐶𑐨𑐵𑐰𑐎𑐟𑐫𑑂𑐳𑑄 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐬𑑂‍𑐠𑐷 𑐨𑐬𑑂‍𑐣𑐵 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐎𑑂𑐬𑐩 𑐖𑐵𑐬𑐷 𑐴𑐾 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐠𑑂𑐰 𑐗𑑂𑐰𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐤𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐱𑐿𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐶𑐎 𑐳𑐟𑑂𑐬𑐫𑑂 𑐁𑑅 𑐳𑑂𑐠𑐵𑐣𑐷𑐫 𑐥𑐵𑐛𑑂𑐫𑐎𑑂𑐬𑐩 𑐮𑐵𑐐𑐹 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐐𑐸 𑐏𑑃 𑐣𑑄 𑐠𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐴𑐾 𑐎𑐠𑑄 𑐤𑑂𑐫𑑅𑐣𑐾 𑐰𑐣𑐵𑐔𑑂𑐰𑑄𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐠𑑂𑐰 𑐱𑐿𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐶𑐎 𑐳𑐟𑑂𑐬𑐫𑑂 𑐳𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐶𑐐𑑅 𑐡𑐸𑐣𑐾 𑐡𑐎𑐮𑐫𑑂 𑐤𑐵𑐥𑐵𑑄 𑐏𑑂𑐰𑐥 𑐣𑐐𑐬𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐶𑐎𑐵𑑄 𑐳𑑂𑐠𑐵𑐣𑐷𑐫 𑐬𑐸𑐥𑑄 𑐟𑐫𑐵𑐬 𑐫𑐵𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐳𑑂𑐠𑐵𑐣𑐷𑐫 𑐥𑐵𑐛𑑂𑐫𑐎𑑂𑐬𑐩𑐫𑐵𑐟 […]

𑐳𑑂𑐠𑐵𑐣𑐷𑐫 𑐥𑐵𑐛𑑂𑐫𑐎𑑂𑐬𑐩𑐫𑐵 𑐀𑐢𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐥𑐣

𑐫𑐾𑑃 (𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐚𑐵𑐂𑐩𑑂𑐳) – 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐬𑑂‍𑐠𑐷 𑐳𑑄𑐏𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐩𑐐𑐵𑑅 𑐢𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐁𑐬𑐁𑐬 𑐎𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐩𑑂𑐥𑐳𑐫𑑂 𑐮𑐶 𑐴𑐾 𑐎𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐢𑐸𑑄𑐎𑐹𑐐𑐸 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵𑐫𑐵 𑐎𑐎𑑂𑐲𑐵 𑐥𑐸𑐺𑐣𑑅 𑐳𑐘𑑂𑐔𑐵𑐮𑐣 𑐫𑐵𑐫𑐾𑐢𑐸𑑄𑐎𑐵𑑅 𑐁𑑅 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐬𑑂‍𑐠𑐷 𑐳𑑄𑐏𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐣𑑄 𑐀𑐥𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐵 𑐰𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐀𑐣 𑐀𑐥𑑂𑐰𑐫𑐵 𑐰𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐬𑑂‍𑐠𑐷 𑐳𑑄𑐏𑑂𑐫𑐵𑑄 𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐾𑐖𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐫𑑂 𑐮𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐫𑑂𑐪 𑐥𑐸𑐳𑑂𑐟𑐵 𑐳𑐎𑑂𑐬𑐶𑐫 𑐖𑐸𑐫𑐵 𑐰𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐳𑑄𑐎𑐾𑐟 𑐣𑑄 𑐏𑐣𑐾 𑐡𑐫𑐵 𑐰𑑅𑐐𑐸 𑐡𑐸 𑑋 𑐠𑐣𑐶𑑄 𑑑𑑕 𑐩𑐴𑐶𑐣𑐵 𑐤𑑂𑐫𑑅 𑐰𑐶𑐡𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐬𑑂‍𑐠𑐷 𑐳𑑄𑐏𑑂𑐫𑐵 𑐩𑐐𑐵𑑅 […]

𑐁𑐬𑐁𑐬 𑐎𑑂𑐫𑐵𑐩𑑂𑐥𑐳-𑐣𑐾𑐥𑐵𑐮𑐨𑐵𑐲𑐵 𑐧𑑂𑐰𑐣𑐷𑐥𑐶𑑄 𑐀𑐥𑑂𑐰𑐮