Welcome to World Nepal!

World Nepal We are students that go to a school that is very involved in fundraising for organizations to help support education in less privileged countries. As students, we are trying to raise awareness for a school in Nepal. Our teacher contacted a Nepalese teacher who founded a school in the rural area of Nepal. The goal of this wikispace is to raise awareness on Nepalese children who need an education and to give you a better understanding of Nepal and get to know the fascinating culture. As part of this project, we are embedding content and sending two XO laptops, created by One Laptop Per Child, which was built for children in developing countries. It contains a wireless network, and was designed to be durable to the tough conditions of the countries, such as being used in outdoor schools. This wiki will provide interesting information about Nepal’s education and culture. We will be in contact with a school in Nepal named SAV school and we will be able to communicate with them and get to know their life style. You will be able to get to know two children very well that attend this school. There is a nine-year-old girl named Sheetal Dahal and a twelve-year-old boy named Bishnu Nayaju. Here is a chart to tell you a bit about them with their basic likings:

Sheetal Dahal Bishnu Nayaju
She wants to be a nice person He wants to be a football player
She lives with her brother, parents and uncle He lives with parents and two older brothers
She reads in class three He reads in class five
She likes to write poems and the colour pink He likes eating apples and playing football (soccer)


Figure 1: Children in Nepal

Figure 2: Nepal map
Figure 3: Children carrying baskets in Nepal
Figure 4: Nepal’s education
Figure 5: Nepal’s flag (Notice that blue, red, and white are the colors of freedom.)
Figure 6: Bhaktapur (SAV School location)