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Teachers are mostly admired as liberal-minded people of the society, and they deserve to be, because through their contribution our society shape the canvas of its future. Changes are often but how we emerge within ourselves, and they are the one who help to bring the difference in individual’s life, and the process takes a gradual pace to influence the overall society.5mayukh6

A rabble crossing the entrance gate of the District Education office Lalitpur, hundreds of people were in the queue restlessly awaiting for their turn to come. The twiddling sun of emerging spring was parching everyone’s head, and drought dirt that used to fly over the face upon each extra step was obviously adding irritation in the people. Shoulders fighting for the turn, and chest enduring the oppression, but one target in the head, “When I could submit the form.” It was the final day of teachers service commission application form submission.

After waiting 2-3 hours, they could get their form submitted if they hadn’t made any mistake on their form. I admired the painful situation very closely, and the happiness that hovered their face once they submitted their form, and a thought hopped in my mind, what if if these procedure could be accomplished from home with a simple online application system. Lots of pain wouldn’t need to be endured, interested candidate could fill their form from their own home. Won’t it be possible?. This wouldn’t only help the applicants but would also help the office to have accurate and effective application in hand, without dealing with anyone from the application submission window.

And this was what the teachers and the prospective teachers were experiencing that day.


A realization came in my head “There must be some good reason, to endure this painful queue” . Then again a thought popped up, about my lovely university TU where I’ve spent most of my youthful days. A relentless line of students in the exam controller office, each with different problem sets, we all endure the pain of long queue often ruthless support and sometimes failures that got in the hands.

As a first step, student stands behind the reception desk to ask and collect the form they needed, then they have to go the bank and wait in a line to deposit the money. As next step, students come to the room no.1, where official stamps the forms and verify the deposit, giving students a receipt and the verified form. If everything went successfully till that stage, students need to go to the respective window, again wait in the line and make final submission.

I always ask a question to myself “This is why I’ve been graduated?” to await in this long line to have my certificate received after 10 days, or to still struggle if they forgot to put my registration number in my marksheet”, “basically that’s their mistake, not mine.”

I wonder, wonder and end up nowhere, these things could be handled easily with proper technology. A single web platform could save millions of resources, and lots of pain of the students. The university produced countless creative minds in a single year, but for god’s sake it almost can’t utilize any of them. Still there must be some good reason that it is not embracing the changes that could save lots of things. So what I truly wanna share ?

A solution that could seamlessly simplify all these operation and everything could be done without any pain and rupture.


A web platform: A standard online application system for university students regardless of their faculties, can be made which will reduce the paper works, burden to students as well as administration. Moreover a student web system can be developed, in which each student can have separate dashboard, where they can see every updates as well as manage their every university related tasks. This will not only helps both university as well as student to be organized but also can become a catalyst of change in the way we study. Since such platform could be used to handover lectures, assignment as well as test.

But what about payments and deposit?

A reliable payment gateway is essential for the success of online application system. VISA card is one of the various methods available and plenty of other alternatives can’t be overlooked too. Currently TU IOM, IOE, BPKIHS, KU etc accepts online application only and it is being managed well with current system too. But use of same technology in every faculties could do better.

And this looks far easy and convenient idea to handle these tasks, so why we’re falling behind and still constrained to follow the same procedures. Few reasons that I found to be helpful to prove my opinions.

# Necessity of Change:
As as student, I’ve seen that TU OCE still writes handwritten name in student’s migration certificate, and in duplicate copies of marksheet, though soft as well as hard copies might have been managed separately, the new changes in the way they work can be something that will drastically change the front-desk tasks. If they consider the changes, it could pose some challenges as there might be possible cut off of human resource, as well as further trainings can be needed to the employees. But it still rests in the realization and power of TU officials.

# Migration of previous data/information: Nowadays TU OCE maintains both hard as well as soft copies of the data in most of the cases. If in some cases, the soft copies mightn’t have been recorded, instances are old students data, for such data, it creates extra work for the migration. But one day, at some point, the way it works is definitely needs to be changed, so why not handle this now?

As a student, I have many questions like this and we need change regardless of which faculties or program we’re in.

# What’s the loss

Lack of proper handling of the students applications forms are taking tool in terms of students precious time, money as well as health. Standing in a queue not only hampers physical but also psycho-social health.

This is not only the problem of the teacher service commission, or of our renowned university TU exam controller office, but of almost all of the government body and procedures that take place, why can’t we pay tax to the government from home? Why it isn’t possible to submit a driving licence application form from my home? Why it’s not possible to register a company completely from home?

Why can’t we have a web dashboard where all the information regarding all of our government existence could be handled. It’s possible, but only with changes.

Offcourse, there are challenges to be adhered but we must suppose that this is the right time for a gradual transformation, and current changes and focus of governments in e-governance shows some motivation towards changes.

When all the procedures could be fulfilled, these all tasks including almost all of other tasks could be handled easily, but we do lack sufficient enthusiasm for changes, the habit of acceptance that we’ve motivated inside us is what takes thousands of youth every month to the other side of the world. One day I well expect to pay tax from my home, receive even hard copy of my graduation certificate in my home, which is possible with convenient post system. and have my patient ticket of teaching hospital ready in my own convenient place, at that day I would gladly announce “Now our life no more stucks in a line”.

The example of TU and the rabble in the District Education Office has been taken as examples to resembles the current conditions and how these could be simplified. This article has been written in the ground of writer’s own opinion, resembles no solicited opinions of any context.

source edusanjal <bhagwan ojha>

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