Supporting Kitini Higher Secondar School, Lalitpur, Nepal

The boys from the ChoraChori refuge in Kathmandu attend Kitini Higher Secondary School which is one of the best state schools in Nepal. This is thanks to its first class leadership, including from the Headteacher, Mr Saroj KC. The school provides a full education from ECD classes right up to Bachelor’s degree level. At the moment there are 600 students attending in classes ECD up to Grade 10, with 550 in the High School and Bachelor’s programmes. And pupils are drawn from a wide area including from the three hill village schools that we have supported through our 2016 “Educating Reeti” campaign. Results are remarkable with a 100% pass rate in last year’s 10th Grade School Leaving Certificate examination. School graduates progress to find very good jobs and sometimes quite prominent places within Nepali society. See the film “When I grow up” by clicking on the image on the left.
Nevertheless, our refuge boys are in a minority at the school for 70% of the pupils are girls. Why the imbalance? The reason is entirely one of gender discrimination for parents are willing to fund their sons’ education at private schools while their daughters are sent to state schools. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to overcome such attitudes within Nepalese society, but in the meantime ChoraChori aims to give the school the funding support we believe it needs and deserves.
We are asking for your kind help with two fundraising goals. The first is to help us purchase the 12 new computers that will allow the school to extend computer studies to the highest grades. The existing 12 computers are now obsolete (10 years old) and of these three aren’t working. The second goal is to set up a science laboratory without which the school can’t teach the subject in any meaningful way. A science lab will benefit pupils in grades 8 to 10, with 85 pupils in each year.
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