Nepal government steal money from UK primary children!


Let me give you some facts:

  1. Each year, a really tiny primary school in the mountain district of Cumbria, where I grew up, support Nepal.
  2. They do it in different ways but you might think that one way is more important than the other.
  3. They have a week long programme about Nepal, its people, its geography, its history, its culture. The UK children have different lessons and activities, they involve the whole local community in a Nepal week.
  4. They raise money to support Nepal Schools Aid in its school development programmes in Kathmandu. They have collections, concerts, and bake cakes to sell back into the community.
  5. The amount of money they raise is about £300, or 45,000NRs. This is NOT a wealthy area of the UK, it is quite poor, so even for the UK this is a large amount of money.

Now let me give you some more facts:

  1. Our NGO is currently re-registering with the CDO, the DDC, the SWC.
  2. So far it has taken 2 months of complete and utter bureaucracy, form filling, yelling at our staff, asking questions these government offices have no idea about.
  3. They seem to have reached the final stage, the one where they are actually given permission to be able to receive money from the UK. (How else do these people think NELF operates or that Nepal can develop?) We must be given permission to donate for water, school rebuilding, teacher training, community work, despite the fact that we have been doing this for 8 years!
  4. At this stage a new item was thrown at them: “You have to pay us 45,000NRs to monitor and evaluate your programmes!!!!!!!”
  5. I’ll repeat that in simple English: A Nepal government body who quite rightly have a responsibility to ensure efficacy etc want us to pay THEM 45,000NRs to carry out their government duties. Anybody making a connection with this poor mountain school in Cumbria yet?

The connection is simple, this government office wants donors to pay them a fee over and above their salaries to monitor (how?) our work using our own money equivalent to a sum of money that was donated by a group UK school children. So the children of Haverigg schools raise 45,000NRs for the children of Nepal, and it is all taken in spurious fees by a government office.

You can all hang your heads in absolute shame, this is on the whole of Nepal, not just the SWC office, not just the government, but the whole people of Nepal. Some of us are trying to help you, and you want to charge us a fee!!

What do you think happens next?

source: nepal shool aid