Nepal Free E-learning

We are a team of engineers and developers dedicated to make a breakthrough to revolutionize the way of teaching and learning at least in Nepal.
Our Core Team Members are:

  • Sushil Dev Bhattrai ( Co-founder, Chairperson and CEO)
  • Adhip Poudyal (Co-founder, Vice-chairperson and COO)
  • Shuvaraj Sharma (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Bobin K.C (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Rajesh Magar (Administration Department)
  • Kendra Bdr. Mukhia (Engineer)


About The Software: Smart School

All of us had our Engineering completed and were in dilemma, whether to stay in Nepal and do something or go abroad like most of the people do nowadays. None of us wanted to leave our motherland but we found nothing that could stick us here. When we found a dead end with least opportunities and chaos competition, it was then when all of us decided to do something that had never been done before. We began calculating the necessities of the society, we chose the education industry at first. We began our approach to government and private schools in the Kathmandu valley. We were astonished, nothing had changed inside the schools for a very long time, same way of teaching and learning as we and our fathers did. The world was going crazy using latest computer technologies outside the school premises’ but inside the school we felt an irritating environment. There was no charm and passion in both teachers and students while teaching and learning, instantly we found out that there was something we could revolutionize, Why not empower students, teachers and schools with all the resources they need on their fingertips, so that teaching and learning would become much more interactive and efficient.

Yes, we had a vision now, but we needed a system that could really make a huge impact with positive results, and we didn’t want to make it a business, but a social mission. The society was there waiting for a revolution and innocent faces of children’s expecting empowerment, instant necessity was technology. A month long research brought us to a conclusion that there were technologies available and even some of the “A rated” schools were using it. Their system was far better than we had imagined, but there were some major drawbacks.

  • The system being used was too complex and most of the features did not meet our local requirements.
  • It was not affordable for 95% schools and students of Nepal.
  • It didn’t have resource sharing features.
  • It didn’t have our native syllabus instead the user school had to switch to the syllabus of the service provider.
  • Overall it was not our national product.

So, we began developing software that could manage everything inside a school and yet be easily affordable. After restless work of more than 6 months we had our test version/ Beta version uploaded as (Smart School)