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About Maiti Nepal

Maiti Nepal Director Bishwo Khadka in front of the main facility in Kathmandu.

Anuradha Koirala, is the founder and executive director of Maiti Nepal, started in 1993. A former English teacher and victim of domestic violence, she started this non-profit organisation with $100 of her personal savings in a small house in Kathmandu.

Her aim was to provide services to children and women, who have been subjected to great pain and suffering, often in silence, as a result of sex trafficking.

Ms Koirala is actively involved in all aspects of Maiti Nepal, including brothel raids in India, where she has rescued over 12 000 victims.

She is the recipient of the 2010 CNN Hero of the year award,the Manhe Peace Prize, the Queen Sofia Silver Medal, the United Nations Women’s Organisation Prize and the Global Peace Governor Award.

She has been assisted for over 15 years by Director Bishwo Khadka (pictured above)

As a human rights activist and international lecturer, she is dedicated to creating awareness about human trafficking and is determined to put an end to this shocking crime.

The Work of Maiti Nepal

The word ‘maiti’ means a married woman’s childhood home, and represents a place of security and comfort.  The aims and objectives of this non-profit organisation are to:

  • Advocate and create awareness about trafficking of children and women.
  • Rescue trafficked children and women from abroad and repatriate them.
  • Provide counselling, support and life skills to children and women at risk of being trafficked.
  • Supply legal services, health care, and shelter to destitute women, survivors of girl trafficking and victims of domestic violence.
  • Rehabilitate survivors by providing them with education, counselling, and a safe home.
  • Shelter orphans and destitute children and support their overall. development.
  • Provide medical care and shelter to HIV/AIDS infected girls.
  • Establish a safety net surveillance system, to better police the porous border between Nepal and India.