Maiti Nepal celebrates its glorious 20th anniversary (2013-08-04)

On  6th April, Maiti Nepal celebrated its 20th anniversary amidst cultural  shows, performances and long term service felicitations.

Maiti  Nepal would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to all of its friends ,  supporters and well wishers  for their highly valued solidarity in its  20 years of relentless fight against human trafficking. 20 years of  journey to us has been a confluence of success and challenges.

Some statistical achievements, which Maiti Nepal has made since its inception are worth mentioning here-

  • Rescued more than 22 thousand girls/women from conditions leading to exploitation.
  • Prosecuted almost 1000 criminals involved with trafficking cases.
  • Extended information on safe migration to 15 hundred thousand people
  • Reached to more than 30 percent of the total population through various means of communication.
  • Provided formal education and trainings to thousands of underprivileged girls and women.

Though anti trafficking initiatives have proved their efficacy in curbing down the intensity of the atrocity, still there are manifold challenges to  be addressed. Human trafficking today has emerged with increased modes  and manifestations. Not only to India, girls/women from Nepal are  trafficked to China, Middle East and African Nations.

Maiti Nepal  feels that, in order to tackle the burgeoning challenges brought about  by this modern day slavery, we need to move ahead with newer strategies  and consolidated resources. We need to expand ourselves and set up  offices in all the districts .We need to focus on socio-economic  concerns of people, gender roles  and climate change issues as well , as these issues are indirectly contributing to trafficking.

Regarding criminal prosecution, Maiti Nepal is of the view that a fast track  court should be established for cases of trafficking and other grave  human rights violations. Delay in justice is denial of justice. Proper  compensation mechanism has to be set up.

Maiti Nepal demands age  verifying mechanism mandatorily established in every district  administration offices. This can prevent chances of forging ages of  minor girls and their illicit trafficking to Gulf countries in pretext  of foreign employment. To exert vigilance on passport issuance and to  impart pre departure information to the aspirants of foreign employment, Maiti Nepal has set up information and vigilance booth at Tribhuvan  International Airport and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This has  contributed in regularizing the mechanism to some extent.

20 years of journey has taught us many lessons. Until and unless, we ensure  socio-economic prosperity of people, problems like trafficking continue  to exist. Maiti Nepal has been operating its activities with the  donations and grants made by foreign donors. But, foreign grants may not be the sustainable form of economic source. So, it is our humblest urge to all the Nepali Corporate houses, business people, media and citizens to acknowledge their social responsibility and join hands in our  mission of creating a trafficking free society. If all of us are  committed to this common agenda, we can one day eliminate this modern  day slavery form our part of the globe.

We would like to thank and all our friends, donor agencies from all corners of the world and all  of those who have supported us throughout our journey. We anticipate  ties between us to strengthen further and cooperation prevail to a much  visible degree in the days to come.

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