Kathmandu Metropolitan City Releases Scholarship Data for Institutional Schools

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Department has released comprehensive details on scholarships awarded by 473 institutional schools within the metropolis.

The disclosed information reveals that a total of 18,422 students, representing 10% of the 149,950 students enrolled up to class 10 in these schools, have been granted scholarships.

This initiative aligns with the Right to Education (Free and Compulsory) Act, 2075, Education Regulations, 2050, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Act, 2075, and Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Management Regulations, 2074, which mandate that all institutional schools in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) allocate at least 10% of their scholarships appropriately.

In a notice issued by KMC, it was highlighted that despite repeated reminders to comply with this provision, only 473 institutional schools had submitted their scholarship details by Jestha 23.

Schools that have not yet provided their scholarship information have been directed to submit the necessary details to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Department within three days.

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Courtsey: Edusanjal