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History HOPE in Nepal was established in 1994. Robert and Pat Gempel, then directors of HOPE worldwide took the initiative to start a school for needy children in Kathmandu. While surveying we found that the children around industrial area were the most lacking. Many children whose parents working on daily wages used to wander around whole day. They had no proper guidance and support from home. Their parents were so busy in their hard laborious work. Parents themselves were illiterate and had no quality time for their children. They never thought of giving education a priority for their children. HOPE went for door to door survey and gathered around 15 non schools going children. This is how HOPE started “Asha Vidyashram School” (HOPE School). It was very tough in the beginning. Many private schools went against HOPE’s program as their business started falling due to HOPE’s non-profit school. Since then more than 500 students have been graduated from HOPE school. Many have brought significant change in lives of their families.