Education in Nepal

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Providing access to quality education for all Nepali children.

Thousands of children across Nepal do not have access to basic education.  The education of girls is of particular concern. Furthermore, the quality of education in government schools is very poor and deteriorating daily.  Karuna-Shechen and its local partners are working to change this situation and offer a new alternative: quality education for all.

Schools in Humla

In Humla, one of the most remote and least developed regions of Nepal, Karuna-Shechen has partnered with the Himalayan Children’s Society to improve the local Maha Buddha Secondary School in the village of Yalbang  and expand the student hostel. The school now has 305 students from 12 different villages. The students (60% of whom are girls!) have been performing exceptionally in their national exams.

Karuna-Shechen is also supporting and improving seven small isolated government-funded community primary schools around Yalbang by hiring additional teachers, improving the infrastructures of the schools (building classrooms), and distributing textbooks, stationery, uniforms, and sports equipment. The objective is to properly educate primary school pupils for future enrolment at Maha Buddha. Most of these small schools were on the verge of closure before Karuna-Shechen’s intervention.

School in Dolpo

Karuna-Shechen is repeating the successful model of Humla in the remote mountainous region of Upper Dolpo. In 2014, we built the Jana Jagrita Primary Boarding School in the village of Sheri. The school will open in mid-2015 and welcome 100 students from the region.

School Support in Mid-Hills and Terai regions 

Karuna-Shechen provides support to under-funded community schools in poor rural areas. The schools are located in the regions of the Mid-Hills (Kavre and Ramechap districts) and Terai (Dhanusha and Morang districts). The funds we provide are used to purchase and distribute textbooks, stationary and uniforms, to build desks, chairs and benches, to install a water harvesting system and lease land for playgrounds.

Sponsorship Program

Since 2003, Karuna-Shechen has also been sponsoring children from under-served communities to help them get an education. We are currently supporting more than 30 children from 1st to 10th grade studying at various schools around the Kathmandu Valley. Our sponsorship pays for tuition fees and accommodation fees.

Source: Karuna-shechen