DHC New Life Center


DHC New Life Centre Nepal Vision

The Disabled and Helpless Children’s New Life Centre Nepal is a non-profit and non-government organisation established in 2010, with the mission and vision to provide a caring home environment with education, healthcare and the development of the lifeskills necessary to assist children who are disabled and/or without any means of support (helpless in Nepali terms) to become self reliant and independent adults.

We strongly believe that children who have a disability or are disadvantaged, should be given the opportunities to develop their abilities and integrate into mainstream society.  This is one of the goals of our organisation.

Manoj Bal Kumar and Bharat doing homework Manoj Bal Kumar and Bharat doing homework Dhal Bhat time Dhal Bhat (meal) time Shanti Shanti
Registration Details

DHC New Life Centre is  registered with the Chief District Office, Kathmandu and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council # 31276 under the Ministry of Social Welfare. DHC New Life Centre is also an registered NGO  registration # 514/2010.