(Charity Helping Advancement of Nepali Children’s

Education )

CHANCE (Charity Helping Advancement of Nepali Children’s Education) provides sustainable aid for education in Nepal. We address access and quality of education and provide educational facilities through income generation projects with local co-operatives.

We launched the charity in April 2004 and registered in the UK in August 2004. Our programmes help to progress quality education and provide young people with development opportunities. We are National Award Operator for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Nepal.

Mission statement

To help deprived Nepalese communities to help themselves by providing educational support for children and young people to gain a new CHANCE in life.


  • To give every young person the right to a CHANCE for education in life.
  • To assist the education of young people by:
    1. providing developmental opportunities through bursary or access to programmes;
    2. supporting communities to improve school environments, giving children a better opportunity for quality education;
    3. funding teacher training;
    4. providing furniture, stationery, books and other classroom requirements;
    5. enabling government and community schools to become self-sufficient through income generation projects.
  • To waste no resources and keep overheads to a minimum so that 100% of donations go directly to our causes.
  • To exchange views, opinions and information with relevant organisations to ensure collaboration and networking, resulting in more efficient use of charitable resources and funds.