Books Beyond Borders

Education being a fundamental right of every individual guaranteed by the Constitutional provision lacks its, implementation in ground reality where, children in different cities and villages of Nepal are still deprived from having an equal access to a quality education. Aiming, to make a step towards Global literacy, Rotaract Club of Madhyapur in collaboration with Books Beyond Borders, Singapore initiated “Fill A Backpack Campaign”. This campaign is largely focused on delivering a backpack filled with stationery essentials for every students studying in different government schools of Nepal. As a first step to the campaign, almost 250 students studying in Shree Bagehini Secondary School and Gyan Bikash Secondary School located in Changunarayan Municipality and Madhyapur Thimi Municipality respectively, were provided with the basic essentials necessary for their education a backpack filled with, copies, pens, pencils, colors, geometric instruments and different other requisites. These schools located in the heart of Kathmandu valley filled with the students belonging to back warded communities. The campaign looks forward to keep continuing the noble work of share happiness among the students by enhancing their zeal to study sharing a backpack and launching different other projects on the days to come. As a start-off of the campaign a group of volunteers from Rotaract of Madhyapur and Books Beyond Borders came together to figure out the local schools where, the campaign would be fruitful for execution. After which a few schools were finalized and on 23rd November, 2018, under this campaign a project was successfully commenced spreading happiness in the face of few hundred students belonging to economically back warded families. This joint effort between Rotaract Club of Madhyapur and Books Beyond Borders has set a milestone and shall continue in the days to come where, the campaign shall be projected to the remote areas of Nepal to those in need. We strongly believe in a joint effort therefore, welcome any helping hands willing for assistance in our future undertakings.

Courtesy: Rotract Club Of Madhyapur Thimi