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Get Ready for Generative AI

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Duration: 5m Skill level: Beginner Released: 2/8/2023

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We now live in an age where it’s possible to create a blog post, generate artwork and music to accompany it, and compose a social media post to promote the blog, all in a matter of minutes—thanks to generative artificial intelligence. In this brief course, Ashley Kennedy explains what generative AI is, how it’s trained, and how it works. Check out examples for image-based and text-based AI and get some useful tips on how to create prompts that will help the AI create what you want. Find out about the amazing ways generative AI can streamline and improve a multitude of workflows—and about the risks and ethical issues of this new technology. We each have a say in where this journey takes us, as people must be involved at each step of the way for generative AI to function effectively. Generative AI is sure to change how many of us live and work, but we need clever, creative, collaborative people to make it all work!

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