Startling Revelations From Nepal’s Education System!

Posted on September 25, 2014 by brianmetters
wall-of-shame-3“That over 10,000 students failed to pass a single subject in School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams this year is an utter disgrace to our education system”. These are the opening words of an article this week in eKantipur after the revelation from the Office of the Controller of Examinations and the Education Review Office. (Full Article)

The article continues “No one knows how many children we have so absolutely betrayed every year…….//…..The blame game for the astounding failure has already begun. Some are quick to assert that the liberal promotion policy, introduced in 2005, which allows a student to be upgraded to the higher grade without the nerve-wracking end-of-year exams, is to be challenged. It allows weaker students to stagger to the ‘Iron Gate’, the SLC. Others have pointed fingers at the scrapping of the send-up or test exams in 2012. Send-up exams used to filter SLC-‘fit’ students from the ‘unfit’. But, barring ‘weaker’ students from appearing in 10th-grade exams either through strict promotion system or through send-ups is only juking the stats. It does not change the reality that thousands of children are unable to understand what they are taught.”
The more frightening thing than these statistics is that:
1. Nobody is ever held accountable for this betrayal of children and their education.
2. Nobody in the government, MoE, DoE, has the faintest idea what to do about it and no inclination to search widely for an answer either.
But there is a clue in the final sentence of the article:
“The government, the schools, the teachers and the guardians need to internalise that SLC is not the outcome of two years of studies; it starts at the primary level and each brick on the foundation matters. The government’s spending on education is currently inconsiderately lop-sided, with 80 percent of the budget spent on paying teachers’ salaries. The government needs to concentrate equally on classrooms and communities.”
Some of us told them this when the misguided SSRP was published 5 years ago, our words continue to fall on deaf ears!
So how about a wall of shame for real, how about anyone who cares about this issue writing below the name or institution of all who you think SHOULD be held accountable for this?

Courtsey: nepal aid org

Source : Kantipur