𑐣𑐾𑐰𑐵 𑐏𑑄𑐐𑑂𑐰 – 𑑔

𑐫: 𑐩𑐬𑐷Rice Flour, Meat, Chaku (sweet) or Maa(pulses) or Muu(pulses)
𑐔𑐚𑑂𑐚𑐵𑑃 𑐩𑐬𑐷Rice Flour
𑐟: 𑐏𑐵Terrin of Buffalo meat
𑐳:𑐣𑑂𑐫𑐵: 𑐏𑐹𑐣𑐵Terrin of buffalo meat and tiny fresh water fish
𑐳𑐾 𑐮𑐵:Buffalo lungs
𑐕𑑀𑐫𑑂 𑐮𑐵:Meat (mainly Buffalo, Duck), chiles, onion, oil
𑐰𑐵𑐬𑐵 𑐰Maa (pulses) or Muu (pulses)
𑐳𑐩:𑐫 𑐧𑐖𑐷Bāra, (bolied) Egg*, fresh water fish, pulses, Beaten Rice, Fried Beaten Rice, Ginger etc.
𑐠𑑂𑐰:Rice alcohol
𑐳𑐶𑐳𑐵 𑐥𑐸𑐳𑐵Dessert